Uni Rampage Causes Gatecamp to Flee

In what has been a rare occurence, Fleet Admiral Silentbrick put out a call for an all hands rampage, simply announcing “You have 30 minutes to get ready for a cruiser/dessie/frig rampage ;)As is usual, the response was strong, with cries of ‘YARRRRR!!!’ echoing the pounding of footsteps as students raced to ensure they were fitted out. This reporter has heard that roughly a dozen students departed under the watchful eye of Silentbrick for a destination that was not announced, but is reputed to have been BWF-ZZ. Sources have revealed that upon jumping into the system, they encountered a gatecamp, and the results were surprising.The exact numbers of the camp are unknown, and for the strangest reason. Upon decloaking on the gate, the campers beat feet in a very, very hasty tactical retreat. However, undaunted the Uni’s vaunted tacklers managed to snag a lone Cerberus, who was decimated in short order. Afterwards, the local comms were aflutter with smack, although the intrepid Unistas refrained, preferring to let their actions (and others) speak for them.Aurea–EUNN

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