Post Lo Sec at Large

[i]KORSIKI, THE FORGE[/i] – With several weeks of closely packed wars coming to an end, Uni students are stepping it up to get their fix. Fix of what, you might ask? Surprisingly to some, the answer is PvP.One pod pilot, Meyr, has struck out with a few other students of EVE University in a quest to lay down the law to New Eden’s underbelly with directed small fleet operations in low sec. Recently he took a fleet to a series of undisclosed systems. At their final stop, the fleet engaged a lone carrier expecting an easy kill. However, this was not to be the case. This intrepid reporter was able to get a glimpse into the debriefing, and was able to retrieve the following comments:[i]”At the first sign of more than one carrier, RUN!!”[/i]Sage advice, coming from what we believe to be the Fleet Commander for the operation. We have additional information from reliable sources stating that following the fleet’s engaging this massive behemoth, several other carries and motherships arrived as reinforcement. Additional commentary ran along the lines of congratulations all around, along with a great deal of mentoring from the older pilots to their younger disciples. Look out, all you pirates of New Eden. If this group of individuals continues walking this path, your days may be numbered.- AureaEUNN

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