Eve Uni Farewells Director as War Comes to an End

Eve University is finishing its fifth week of war as it farewells Director of Operations Dee Carson from its ranks.Dee Carson joined Eve Uni late in late 2006, and became a Director in April 2007, spending his final six months in the Uni as Director of Operations. The Director of Operations is second in the leadership chain, and overseas the day to day operations of the corporation. Widely respected for his calm demeanour and level head, Dee retires with the support and best wishes of all the Uni. In recognition of his service and sacrifice in aid of new capsuleers throughout New Eden, Dee has been awarded the Director Emeritus medal.Replacing Dee Carson is Diplomat Kelduum Revaan. Well known for his constant efforts behind the scenes to keep the Uni victorious and at peace, and even better known for being Dark Lord of the Sith, Kelduum will be vacating the position of Diplomat to take up the new role

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