Eve University Mentor Program

EUNN, Cazzah — Mentor Relationship’s Form Close BondsWhen I began my first steps into Eve University, I applied for a mentor – a player matched to my playtime. A player matched to my playstyle. But above all, a player willing to help. With my mentor, Mildibus’s help, I was progressing far faster than I could ever have by myself. Now I also find myself mentoring younger students. I have never since looked back. For many in the Uni, this is not a unique experience.The universe of Eve is one with many questions. Some of these questions are too long to easily answer in crowded chat. Others are the sort that you wouldn’t even think to ask. Whatever the case, Eve University works to provide a mentor – an experienced player, matched to your needs, who can give the answers and help that only a one on one environment can. .Late September, the Uni instituted a new mentor manager, Aehara. Since then, it is heartening to see that the mentor program continues to work efficiently. All requests have been answered within a day and a 70% of requests being filled within the next day.I asked Aehara for his take on the program “As mentors, we help new students take full advantage of the opportunities provided by the University. Eve isn’t easy–individualized attention during those tough first few weeks can make all the difference in the world. For students with a few months experience under their belt, the mentor program is great way to start getting more involved and begin giving back to the University. I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback; the first students to complete the program on my watch are now some of the most active and enthusiastic members of the corporation. Soon they’ll have the experience and the confidence to become mentors themselves… I look forward to that day.”Despite the success, the Uni is always looking for new mentors, particularly for specialists in fields such as exploration and invention, and Uni members are encouraged to volunteer as a mentor to begin transforming our rookies to aces.For more than four years, Eve University has been providing new players quality training in all aspects of life in Eve without cost to them. For more information on Eve University, visit the in game website at www.eve-ivy.com-CazzahEUNN

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