Third Week of Classes Postponed

EU PRESS, KORSIKI, THE FORGE – Third Week of Classes Postponed{nl}On the 28th of November, Eve University received a war declaration from a three man corp "Svalbard Global Seed Vault" (SGSV), bringing the university into it’s third week of war.{nl}The latest war, coming just hours after the end of the previous two, has been a disappointment to the majority of the Uni students, who had hoped to enjoy some well earned peace. Once again recruitment has been closed for the duration of the war. Several lucky applicants made it in during the short window of peace, while others have been left hanging for another week before they can join the University.{nl}For the last two weeks, the Uni has been fighting Royal Hiigaran Navy (RHN), a mercenary group, and Castle Grayskull, a small corp led by ex Uni director Sabre A. Both wars saw successful efforts by Uni forces, achieving efficiency rates even higher than the usual. These successes were attributed to several losses of tech 2 ships by the enemy, notably a mission running fitted command ship flown by the RHN, much to the amusement of Uni students. Wartime activity by the RHN and Castle Grayskull was generally regarded as disappointing however, and many Uni members have expressed nostalgia for the war against Haiduken.{nl}In the stress of a war against former friends in Castle Greyskull, combined with other compounding factors, many seniors within the Uni have made the decision to stop postponing their entrance into the wider Eve Universe, and take their first steps into a larger world. Among them is Kody Apollo, whose farewell reflections may be found on the Eve University front page. The Uni wishes our former students the best of luck in their future endeavours, confident in the knowledge that the skills and dedication they brought to the Uni will serve them well in Eve.{nl}While practical classes have been postponed or reworked during the wartime activites, The learning in the Uni never stops. Between fleet preparations, many students are making use of the extra time within stations to take in some theory classes which continue to be offered or reviewing some of the many archived classes from the recent past.{nl}Despite the temporary close in recruiting, Eve University continues to offer free help, assistance and answers to general questions in the public chat channel ‘Eve University’.{nl} {nl}–Cazzah{nl} EUNN{nl}

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