In his own words: Kody Apollo – A message.

{nl}{nl}{nl}My Home Town {nl} {nl}So as I pack my bags to depart from Korsiki, I look back on the months that I spent with the University fondly. For me the departure is inevitable for when the wanderlust calls it’s time to tie your laces and set out. {nl}{nl}This has always been an issue for the older generations of Eve University. The university is the small hometown you were born into, you know almost all the people and almost everyone knows you, but beyond the mountains lies other lands. Where empires rise and fall and legends are made. {nl}{nl}After time in the University you learn to become more and more capable, they teach you everything you need to know to not only survive, but do well for yourself in the wider universe. When you reach a certain level of skills and knowledge you know you could climb that mountain and see the other side, but you don’t want to leave the friends you have made in the University, or you wish to stay to help the newer players get their bearings. {nl}{nl}So you stay while you watch others leave, sometimes they leave with an angry frown, sometimes with a small wave of goodbye. In your heart grows a desire to join them. Sometimes they leave completely, sometimes they leave a part of themselves behind but their heart is already gone and really all they left is but an empty shell. You look back at the red skies of Korsiki and wonder why it looks so dull. {nl}{nl}{nl}So many people are leaving, but it’s happened before and it’ll happen again. As each generation comes of age they’ll wish to leave, because the same boundaries put in place to help new players makes it a small place when you grow up. {nl}{nl}It always starts with a few that leave in anger, departing because they don’t want to be caged anymore by the small boundaries of this small town. Their departure is watched, and their presence missed. Others then look around and realise they’re tired of their humble beginnings and pack their bags too. {nl}{nl}Last time it happened I started packing but stopped. Then I walked to the edge and stared at the horizon, held there by indecision long after the last retreating backs had disappeared. This time I’ve crossed the boundary and while I’ve marked a path on the map I’m still not quite sure where I’ll end up. {nl}{nl}–Kody Apollo{nl}___________{nl}**Editors note: It’s not often we publish departure stories outside the forums or a single or first persons perspectives however Kody has been an asset to the University. He’s both admired by his peers and has made a great number of friends through his contributions. We all wish him well and clear skies on his journeys. On behalf of all the staff and students, we collectively salute you sir.{nl}07{nl}Respectfully,{nl} Melissa Dawn{nl}EUNN Editor

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