Royal Hiigaran Navy Declares War

Korsiki, The Forge — Diplomacy, Big Guns or both?The Mercenary Corporation, Royal Hiigaran Navy, has declared war on Eve University. The war went live on the 12 November 2008. Initial fighting has resulted in the loss of eleven frigates and one inteceptor, due to sniping tactics. The RHN has so far lost three battleships to Uni fleets. Future details pending an OPSEC assessment may describe the war effort in more detail, however leadership has maintained a low profile during their investigations. Dee Carson, Eve Universities Director of Operations, has described the war targets threat level as moderate. As usual, recruitment is closed until the war ends and will reopen once the war is over. As always, Eve University continues to offer free help, assistance and answers to general questions in the public chat channel “Eve University”.— Cazzah

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