Crimson Federation Retracts War

KORSIKI, THE FORGE — Early End of war sees students return to classThe Crimson Federation, a mercenary alliance, has officially retraced the war against EVE University after 5 days of sporadic fighting. The war started off cool and saw very little action for the majority of the war. Students and teachers alike agreed that the war failed to deliver. Fortunately, this gave many uni students the change to practice fleet command without the pressure of major combat. “[Fleet Command] is more nerve wracking and exciting than I thought” remarked Michael Honcho, one of the students to command his first fleet.Ironically in the end, after the retraction, the war was most intense with one battle almost going capital. The incident occurred when six members of the Eve University Low Sec Apprenticeship (LSA), were engaged by a Thanatos Carrier and an Abbadon Battleship. Fleet Admiral Silentbrick, moved to mobilize a University Capital whilst Director of Operations Dee Carson, raced 25 jumps with Uni fleet comprised of 30 mixed ships to reinforce the position. The Crimson Federation responded by switching to smaller ships while bringing in further Capital reinforcements. The original enemy carrier pilot was destroyed in an Ishtar with no further fighting occurring as the uni forces withdrew.The Retraction itself came while Crimson Federation forces were scattered. Unable to contend against a far larger Eve University fleet, they retracted. No shots were fired during that time.Following the end-of-war grace period, the Korsiki School of Applied Knowledge was the usual scene of well-organized chaos with a surprising lack of fatal collisions being cause for celebratory cheer. Students were seen piloting nearly everything that would have previously been a liability during the war, from haulers to barges, shuttles to faction ships. Everything was uncovered, unlocked, and undocked. SAK Hangar Control was nearly overwhelmed, but found time to send us the following. “Go away, we’re busy!”With the war over for the forseeable future, recruiting is once again open and pilots can join in Korsiki II, School of Applied Knowledge or any starter system. Join the channel “Eve University” for more information.CazzahLord Wulfengheist– EUNN Correspondants

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