Haiduken Retracts – Students Celebrate

KORSIKI, THE FORGE — Haiduken War Comes to a CloseStudents and teachers of Eve University celebrated the end of a 9 day war from Haiduken (.HAI.) Corporation. The war was retracted on the 10th of October and ends over a week of victories. Despite initial losses from inattentive players and a few over zealous students, Eve University quickly adapted, fighting back and pushing to bring the casualties on both sides to equal levels, while inflicting far higher financial losses on it’s enemy.Despite disruptions to missioning, mining, classes and speeches, University members are happy with the outcome of the war. “I think it’s safe to say that both sides have enjoyed the engagement.” states Kelduum Revaan, the Ivy Leagues Director of Diplomacy.Many student gained valuable PvP experience, such as Seifer Al’Masy, Aquadictus and Mackers UK, a former Factional Pilot who led EU operations for the first time. “Clear communications calms the pilot. Calm pilots means they can concentrate more on flying their ships rather than being left behind and being killed. They ‘wont’ be left behind, as they clearly know where they should be going” mentioned Mackers in a public report after the action. For others, it was their first taste of PvP and considered a success.Haiduken Corporation used Interceptors and Battleships with the aide of outside help in the form of logistics to great effect throughout the war effort. Eve University used their numbers to field superior tackling and electronic warfare ability. Despite the differing combat styles, both sides fought with healthy respect and appreciation for their enemies.The war was marked by several notable events. The Dark Horses declared war and were quickly caught in the crossfire with four losses and no kills, withdrawing soon after. Mackers UK again led an EU fleet on a suicidal charge that resulted in the loss of around 20 Ivy League ships. Not all was serious business however. An EU fleet reportedly took to mining Veldspar in enemy territory and yet another found themselves in Haajinen, crippled with laughter, clearly enjoying the last pulsating moments of the war. Morale was at an all time high.The war retraction came while Aphser, leading the destruction of a Scimitar logistics ship and guarded by six enemy battleships in Korsiki, resulting in the withdrawal of the war declaration. The last operation was a resounding success with zero losses under Aphsers steadfast command.During the dwindling hours of the war retraction, Fleet Admiral Silentbrick, led an Eve University expedition into BWF-ZZ, a former Big Blue territory in Null space. The fleet was wiped out however, a good time was had by all; except perhaps for a Unista pilot by the name of EYEDOLL, who had the misfortune of being the only Battleship pilot in the Fleet Operation.As the grace period came to a close outside a station in Poinen, Unista Pilots gathered for a pow-wow session, forming a conga line of ships which included KillerofMen, MobyDick and Orenishii of .HAI., with mutual respects being paid in local communication channels.– CazzahEUNN Reporter

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