1B ISK from Contributers Acknowledged

Eve University AP — Financial Support Continues to Expand University ActivitiesThe Ivy League and Eve University, acknowledged a series of gifts this week from friends and former Eve University students at a State of the Union luncheon in the State Hall of the School of Applied Knowledge.Jon Falkenberg has established a 500M ISK endowment to be used to expand the teaching programs of the University. Additional funds into the dowry by Silke Morte, saw a contribution greater than 500M ISK to Eve Universities operating budget.”We do not solicit the support of the Eve community,” Dee Carson began his speech at the massive Hall at the School of Applied knowledge in Korsiki, “and as a volunteer organization, we’re always appreciative of the support that our mission of teaching new pilots the intricacies that our Universe garners among the general population.”Carson further went on to explain to the modest crowd of some one hundred students, teachers, mentors and other directors, “Our students and faculty are encouraged to express their thanks to our supporters when they have the opportunity, so let me be the first to publicly say ‘Thank You’ to these two fine pilots and to all of those who provide us support, without allowing us to publicly name them.” Dee Carson is the Eve University Director of Operations.Eve University is currently at war with Haiduken and it’s mercenary allies. When asked to provide further details on the war effort, Carson deferred comment to the Fleet Admiral stating the luncheon is a well deserved break for the Corporation to boost moral in what’s claimed to have been a large success for the students studies.For more than four years, Eve University has been providing new players quality training in all aspects of life in Eve without cost to them. For more information on Eve University, visit the in game website at www.eve-ivy.com

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