Haiduken War Preparations Underway

Eve University AP — Peace Talks Fail Haiduken Corp has declared war upon Eve University today. The reported 41 pod pilot group, residing in the Fovihi Solar System consist mainly of low level Battleship or smaller pilots. Eve University insiders have also reported odd intelligence from within the .HAI. Corporation itself, causing diplomatic and military leaders to scratch their head in confusion. “We are very pleased and grateful of the cooperation we have received from Haiduken pilots for the information that they have provided.” reported Kelduum Revaan, IVY League’s Diplomacy Director. When asked in the brief interstellar communication about diplomatic attempts at averting the war, he simply stated “They were unwilling to compromise.” Kelduum declined further comment.The eleventh hour passes and a large fleet carrying wings of squadrons has been reported in and around the Korsiki system, home of the Eve University Campus. Blood thirsty students are looking forward to the live fire exercise reported to begin at 2008.10.03 16:51 EVE Universal Time.

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