Uni Alumni Bring Faction Warfare to Tama

This special report is brought to you by EVE University alumnus and Gallente Militia member Mos Superum, and in no way reflects the political views of EVE University or the Ivy League alliance.Tama, The Citadel — Earlier today, a ragtag band of Eve University alumni looked over their classroom textbooks, threw out Eve Essential Blobbing, 4th Edition, re-read Vaal’s ECM Anthology, 2nd Edition, and sent 6 pilots into combat with 3:1 odds against the Caldari militia.At approximately 03:45, a Caldari militia force of approximately 20 ships, including two Armageddons, camped in the lone station in Tama, home to the Central Research Nexus corporation (C-R-N).C-R-N is a Gallente militia corporation founded by alumnus Ezekiel Sulastin. In recent weeks, C-R-N has become home to several alumni, including Master Akira, Sabre A, Ricchar Drogo, Ulasim, Aiee, Cyleus Taestar, and this reporter, Mos Superum.Faced with overwhelming odds, a 6-man C-R-N gang of cruiser and frigate-sized ships debated docking at the station and waiting out the Caldari militiamen. The debate lasted 30 seconds.Taking the lead in coordinating a counterattack, alumnus Ricchar Drogo instructed all battleship-rated pilots to dock, change ships and undock. C-R-N’s lone ECM boat, a Falcon piloted by alumnus Cyleus Taestar, was instructed to focus on the ‘geddons on the station. On Ricchar’s orders, C-R-N pilots undocked two Dominixes, an Abbadon, and a Brutix, adding to an Arazu (this reporter), Falcon, and lone Nemesis stealth bomber.Combat commenced, with focused fire on the support ships and ECM assigned to the Caldari Armageddons. In less than 15 minutes, 10 Caldari militia ships, including the battleships and a Rapier, were destroyed, and the remaining Caldari militia retreated to nearby Nourvukaiken and the safety of Caldari-controlled space.Over the course of the next hour, C-R-N engaged and destroyed 4 more Caldari militia ships. A hapless, criminally flagged Vagabond also fell prey to C-R-N forces as alumnus Ulasim webbed and tackled the larger ship in a Taranis. The sole C-R-N loss was the Brutix class battlecruiser, piloted by Quintano.C-R-N expects continued aggression from Caldari forces, and predicts a significant increase pirate activity in the Tama system.– Mos Superum, EUNN Embedded Reporter

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