Foundations of the University

Many years ago, Morning Maniac, the CEO of Eve University started his corporation as a place to help teach new players about Eve. It has grown significantly over the years to what it became today. Its foundations are firmly entrenched in the idea of teaching new players. The road was not always so smooth with Eve University being involved in forays into 0.0 and various wars. There is much grandeur in New Eden, and with a corporation the size and strength of Eve University it is easy to forget where its foundations are and chase after that grandeur. In late 2005, Eve University helped found the alliance Big Blue, which lasted almost a year before disbanding. While it started out well the rigors of defending 0.0 space proved detrimental for Eve University. The teachers spent a great deal of their time fighting without having time to spend with the students, while the new players often were not ready for the rigors of constant warfare. What was learnt was that it is very easy for a corporation to lose its original purpose, getting distracted to pursue other goals that aren’t aligned with the very foundations it rests on. To this day Eve University does its best to hold to its neutrality and stay focused on the task of teaching. This is difficult for the members because there are many restrictions involved in staying neutral. It also means that ambitious projects cannot be undertaken without the danger of shifting Eve University away from its foundations. For this reason Eve University for many has been simply a way stop for people on their path to the wider galaxy. Although there are many others that still call it home. — Anonymous, EUNN

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