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KORSIKI, THE FORGE — The newly formed news station, EUNN, has officially opened its doors today. The EUNN, or the ‘Eve University News Network’ is the official news agency of the popular school from which it gets its name. Their mission is simple: What happens in the Uni, they report, and they vow to keep all of their stories truthful and unbiased, a claim many news agencies make, but few succeed (we here at CaldariNet are in the latter category, of course).The opening ceremony was a site to behold. The 10 founding newscasters, to be listed at the end of this article, flanked Kelduum Revaan as he cut the crimson ribbon in front of the door – with a gilded las-cutter no less – and as the ribbon was cut, thunderous applause from the assembled crowd rang out. Following the ceremony, a banquet was held for anyone who cared to attend. Students mingled with teachers and outsiders, while the big brass of the University served food.EUNN’s newscenter is a state-of-the-art masterpiece, with the finest in broadcasting technology available. The talented crew is made up of tech-savvy members of Eve University. “Without them,” says Lord Wulfengheist, a reporter, “We’d be sunk.”The Reporters have been named as (in alphabetical order) Asuri Kinnes, Aurea Sibylla, Cazzah, Kody Apollo, Lord Wulfengheist, Melissa Dawn, Mos Superum, Peter Strasser, Theon Aidelius and last but not least, Turhan Bey.We have also been informed that members of the University also can submit stories to the EUNN reporters via the IVY GalNet communication forums, and look forward to hearing stores from our new competitor soon.– Syndicated From CaldariNet

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