Press Release: Eve University Alumni Continue Tradition of Support

Korsiki, The Forge — Eve University is pleased to announce the receipt of significant ship contributions from two students who are leaving the Uni to found their own venture.Former student Snasty, now CEO of ‘The Hippies’, provided the Uni hangars with more than 100 ship hulls as a parting gift. Including frigates, cruisers, haulers & destroyers, the donation will provide exactly the kind of leg up to new players that Eve University is known for. “It came to me in a dream, really. I saw a way that I could continue to show my support for Eve University and the Uni mission even though it is time for me to move on,” said Snasty.Not to be left on the sideline, former student Filth, Snasty’s wingman, protege and wake up service, has also provided Eve University with his own parting gift: a rigged, fully T2 fitted Drake! Filth commented, “Man, it’s like, all about the tank, man! I mean, have you seen the freakin’ tank on these babies? It’s so totally awesome! I had to get a new paint job to fly with The Hippies anyway, man. Gunmetal blue is so out! Paisley is where it’s at, man!”Eve University Director of Operations, Dee Carson acknowledged the generosity of the gifts. “Filth and Snasty may be their names, but their actions are among the cleanest in an oft times dirty world. All of us at Eve University thank them for their kindness. Their gifts will be used to continue to provide the resources that new students need to be successful. Our former students continue to be most supportive of Eve University and our mission and we are always touched by their gifts. As soon as that Drake gets aired out, you can bet that Kody Apollo will be devising a stellar event with that marvelous ship as the prize!”

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