The Shipwrights Competition

Korsiki, Eve University Campus — Eve is a game that is unique in that it greatly rewards real life skills as much as in game skills. Important skills needed in Eve also include critical thinking, organization and people management. In the interest of developing such skills, Eve University is sponsoring an upcoming Event called The Shipwrights Competition.Over 130million ISK in prizes have been offered for competitors to build a ship and race it on a specially made racetrack that is currently under construction near Planet II in the Forge region of Korsiki .Students, young and old, have been requested to step up and practise their organization skills. By pulling together a team, they will have to tackle the construction of a racing ship and then take on the task of racing it during the competition. Such real life logistics skills are critical for future careers in business corporations, alliance logistics, fleet command, and corporation management alike and the competition will serve well to all of those who participate.Competitors not only walk away with prizes, they also emerge showing people that they too can be a valuable asset to any corporation. They will have proven the real life skills desperately needed and sought after by all corporations in New Eden.– Kody Apollo, Events Manager

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