Wizards Successful in EW-Games

On Sunday, the 3rd of August, The Wizards of Oz once again won this week’s EW (Electronic Warfare) Games against their longtime foe, the Leopards.The EW games, run, organized and refereed by Kody Apollo, Events Manager, are held each week in Korsiki with 15 mill ISK in prize money, however this week’s games were held in an undisclosed spot in Nuken for security reasons. Each team attemped to use tractor beams and EW to pull a cargo can (the “ball”) towards their own goal whilst preventing the opposing team from doing the same.With 3 Blackbirds a side, both teams made heavy use of ECCM, with steave435 achieving a whopping sensor strength of 98 as he raced away with the can, bringing victory to the Wizards, however an incident involving stasis webs turned the normally fast paced matches into a grinding stalemate at one point during the match.Even despite this, everyone enjoyed the games, especially Hai’ku who is marking his second victory with the Wizards by purchasing his first cruiser with the prize money, and noted that “that’s more money than I make in a day running level one missions.”After the match, the teams entertained themselves by chasing CSM Member and Director, Dierdra Vaal, around in his Falcon in a fruitless game of hide and seek. Amusingly, both teams made such great use of ECCM that even Deirdra’s recon vessel was often unable to get a successful jam cycle.Starting next week, the EW Games will begin at the new time of 0700. Both the Wizards and the Leopards hope the change will bring more players and variety to the competition, and are positive about future matches.– Cazzah, EUNN

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