E-UNI Pilots: Bane of all Pirates

KAKAKELA, LONETREK – Following the end of the war with NyX Incoming [N1X], pilots of EVE University [E-UNI] decided to continue the fight, but against a different enemy.Pirates of the various factions, from the Angel Cartel, Blood Raiders, Serpentis and the like, have long been trying to reclaim High Security Space for themselves. A fleet lead by an Ace pilot, known to the University solely as ‘Gunny 1833’, and his friend, Tappo Kone lead a fleet of new pilots in a valiant struggle against the never ending tide of “rats.”All manner of ships, from Frigates to Battleships joined the fleet. Tappo and Gunny lead the charge in two massive battleships. Soaking up damage like a sponge, the two pilots allowed the rest of the fleet to destroy ships at very little risk to themselves. To further decrease the risk, Gunny guaranteed that anyone who lost a ship cruiser-class or smaller would have replaced. Fortunately, this was not necessary.Souljo, a new pilot who had never seen so many rats, enjoyed the operation immensely. “Gunny and Tappo charged into the missions like crazy [maniacs] with about 50 targets shooting at them,” she said, describing the operation in an interview.. “they had us light weights coming in to handle anything cruiser size and smaller.” The “little guys” were under instruction to warp out if they got locked, so that there was little chance they could be hit, thereby eliminating most of the risk. Because of these precautions, and how well everyone got along, Souljo described it as “one of the most enjoyable things about E-UNI.”Pleased as well with the fleet’s success was the Caldari Navy, who rewarded their efforts with bounty prizes and points to spend at their Loyalty Points store, as well as access to some of their more elite agents for many of the pilots.– Lord Wulfengheist, EUNN

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