Upcoming ILN Event Leads to Fatailities

KORSIKI, THE FORGE – Trouble once more racked the School of Applied Knowledge, as four clones were activated in relation to an upcoming ILN-sponsored event. The goal of the pod pilots was apparently to peek into two boxes, labelled “Red Team” and “Blue Team” before their official unveiling. Fleet Admiral Silentbrick has apparently deployed a number of warbots and combots, with some stationed in ventilation shafts and access ducts.Two of the clone activations apparently came from attempts to get through the vent system, where they met a combat armed with a flechette gun. The other two are reported to have tried to run past a Warbot guarding the hallway and were hit by hyper velocity railgun fire.When we asked the Fleet Admiral about the incidents, he just said, “Talk to my Secretary.” However, since his secretary is a Mk. 14 Caldari Marine Corps Warbot, which targets and threatens to fire on anyone getting near it, we decided that was a “No comment”.We did however receive a letter from Silentbrick later that stated “All rumours of me cackling evilly at any mention of the event are patently false. Any one who doubts that can make an appointment with my secretary and receive my full opinion on the matter.” The letter was signed, Evil Overlord, but it was crossed out and replaced with “Silentbrick, Fleet Admiral, Ivy League.”– Unidentified Embedded Reporter, EUNN

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