The Unsung Heroes

In every war that Eve University [E-UNI] has had, it has fielded large fleets against its enemies, and this is what gets noticed. However, the the University’s intelligence department plays a major part in making E-UNI effective during wartime. These are the silent bodyguards of the fleet that work tirelessly without complaint, and E-UNI has one of the best intelligence departments of any empire corporation.As the war winds down, the pilots in the intelligence department will be quietly thanked for saving the University from significant losses, while covertly locating the enemy so that the full force of the fleet could be brought to bear.Eve University teaches many things to the students. For warfare the University isn’t just teaching students to just fight with numbers, the University fights tactically too, and that’s why great emphasis has been placed on making the intel the fleets receive the best available.– Kody Apollo, EUNN

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