Exploration Sites Provide Relief to Wartime Doldrums

THE FORGE – Eve University students banded together over the weekend to exploit several exploration sites scanned down by an Eve University (E-UNI) pilot.On Saturday, August 2nd, E-UNI Events Manager Kody Apollo led a sizeable PvP equipped fleet to a Radar site that had been located in the Geras star system earlier that day. The fleet was comprised of members of all skill levels, and also served as an excellent opportunity for some of the newer members to experience fleet operations during war conditions. The proceeds from the site were donated to the University at an estimated worth of 30 million ISK.Later, on Sunday August 3rd, Gravimetric sites were scanned down in both the Nuken and Osmon systems. Storiim Tsovoran, Director of Intelligence, took the lead in organizing a well-guarded and scouted mining operation to fully mine the asteroid belts. Profits from the operation have yet to be calculated, but are due to be split between participants including miners, scouts, and guards. Although there was no nearby War Target activity during any of the exploration operations, one unfortunate would-be pirate was engaged by the defence fleet and his vessel was destroyed when he ‘flipped’ a jetcan.All three operations serve as examples of what can be done within the Ivy League war policies when the different branches of the University work closely.– Xavier DeepPockets, EUNN

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