OMAHD Disappoints E-UNI Students

The third day of the OMAHD conflict saw a peculiar development with an odd one sided ‘encounter’. The war target decided to show himself just as a scheduled E-UNI class was under way in Korsiki, yet no reports of obvious attempts at engaging the class has been received. In the words of a student:”It was kind of odd. He has declared war on a teaching institution and still it seems the idea of a class was lost on him. Most of the time we were completely stationary at one of the standard jump coordinates in Korsiki, but he didn’t want to come anywhere near us. Either that or he just couldn’t find us…”Words of disappointment about missing out on an opportunity to meet the WT has been heard from students and teachers alike, and a suggestion to provide the WT with a copy of the E-UNI class schedule has supposedly been firmly quenched. One unnamed faculty member explains:”That would be cruel.”– Theon Aidelius, EUNN

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