E-UNI Rampage Ends in Doomsday Demonstration

HED-GP, CATCH — On Sunday the 26th of August, an Eve University fleet led by Silentbrick engaged Against ALL Authorities (AAA) in 0.0 space, before falling to a Titan’s doomsday device.The battle occurred as part of a University “Rampage”, in which a fleet ranging from green rookies to hardened veterans assemble fleet to wreak havoc and strike fear into the hearts of nullsec pilots everywhere.Beginning in Korsiki, the fleet traveled 27 jumps to the HED-GP star system in Catch, where a Mobile Warp Disruptor (known as a “bubble”) was deployed. The University then dug in and waited while a fleet belonging to AAA assembled to attack. During it’s gatecamp, the Uni fleet destroyed several rookie ship scouts, a recon and interdictor vessels.The situation quickly shifted when a Titan class Ragnarok warped into the area and unleashed it’s doomsday weapon, the Gjallarhorn, and majority of the University forces were destroyed in the blast, along with number of hostile vessels. As the remaining Uni ships retreated, the rest of the AAA fleet warped into the area to finish off the survivors, however four University battleships managed to escape back through the gate, among them Aphrodite Whiterose’s Apocalypse, a scarred veteran that has survived many wars.The reaction was mixed within the uni. Some, especially the veterans were disappointed by the abrupt and “unsporting” end to the battle. Others were just excited to have seen a Titan and doomsday in action, especially the newer players. Even older players were awed by such a rare sight, such as Peter Strasser, “‘T’was most epic! Have never had a doomsday used on me before…”, while others simply described it as very “laggy”.Despite the unfortunate loss of some expensive implants by one student, the trip was declared a success by IVY Diplomat Kelduum Revaan who stated “We gave many students their first taste of 0.0 warfare, while AAA assisted us in demonstrating the potential lethality of the Titan class vessels.”– Cazzah, EUNN

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