A Daring Escape from R-Section

CALDARI STATE ASYLUM, JUUNIGAISHI – EVE University’s most prolific combat pilot, Sabre A, is reported to have escaped from the Caldari State Asylum in Juunigaishi late last month.For weeks, Caldari authorities have denied the reports. Multiple anonymous sources within the asylum administration, however, have confirmed that the ex-University vice admiral did, in fact, manage to escape his holding cell in R-section as recently as three weeks ago.Details about R-Section are few and far between, and patient lists are strictly classified by Caldari authorities. Rumors hint that R-section is reserved for New Eden’s most violent and mentally unstable pilots and criminals.According to sources, Sabre had spent the better part of a week in R-Section solitary confinement after a murderous mid-July attack upon EVE University students in what some referred to as Sabre reaching “his breaking point.”Dee Carson, EVE University Director of Operations — “I am not commenting on that. I will only say that we appreciated Sabre’s service to the University, and it was an unfortunate incident that landed him in the asylum.”While the details of Sabre’s attack on students are sketchy and remain tightly classified, asylum insiders note that his escape was perhaps the most daring of his latest exploits.The escape reportedly began with the murder of three asylum guards with a makeshift shiv or knife constructed from single-ply institutional toilet paper rolls. After breaking into the asylum hangar control room and killing two more asylum security guards, Sabre vented the entire hangar, killing as many as 10 starship technicians and asylum transport pilots. He reportedly sang a rendition of “Amish Paradise” over the public address system as debris and victims swirled about during the hangar decompression cycle.A Caldari Navy source, who wished to remain nameless, revealed logs from a scout ship on patrol in Juunigaishi at the time of the escape. The scout’s scanner logs indicate a Cerberus heavy assault cruiser entering the asylum hangar shortly after it was vented and resealed. Squawk box scans of the Cerberus appear to have returned a hacked NAGA corporation ship ID code.Sabre is known to have had “trading” ties with NAGA director, Kodell. Officials with the elite manufacturing corporation have denied any involvement in the escape and would not comment further for this story.Central Caldari records of corporation activity indicate that Sabre’s clone DNA was loaded into Central Research Nexus’ (C-R-N) clone database as recently as two weeks ago. C-R-N is a Gallente militia corporation currently engaged in hostile activities with Caldari forces in and around Tama.C-R-N representatives were en route to an undisclosed location in Black Rise and unavailable for comment at press time.Sabre’s current location and intentions toward Caldari authorities and Eve University students and faculty are unknown.– Mos Superum, EUNN

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