OMAHD Conflict Sees Low Activity

Following the enemy’s loss of one Drake, the second day of the OMAHD conflict saw predictably low activity on the front-line. The single obvious war event of the day came about as the E-UNI Intelligence Department located the WT in the vicinity of Jita. After a brief round of hide-and-seek, the WT found himself in Muvolailen, accompanied by a small fleet of E-UNI war forces.At this point a friendly duel on words ensued in local, as the WT and E-UNI’s head of diplomacy, Mr. Kelduum Revaan, slugged it out on wits and math. The arguments of his numerical superiority put forth by the WT were not entirely clear to EUNN’s man on the ground, and no obvious progress was made toward resolving the dispute between OMAHD and E-UNI.Nor did the WT seem willing to accept the invitation by Mr. Revaan to exit the system through any stargate of the WT’s choosing, and an open invitation to enroll with the University with the purpose of taking classes in ship fitting was also politely declined. Eventually the encounter ended as the WT decided to leave his ship floating in mid-space.– Theon Aidelius, EUNN

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