Eve University Returns to War

Following a period of peace, Eve University [E-UNI] once again finds itself under siege. Reactions have been typical, and cries of ‘YARRRRR’ and ‘WARBEEER’ have echoed through the halls of this hallowed establishment at the School of Applied Knowledge.However, the cries have been cut short. The reason? The declaration of war comes from a one man corporation, One Man and his Drake [OMAHD], which resulted in some amusement by the students.As the war went live, we received reports that the Uni’s famous, or perhaps infamous intelligence department had given chase through nearly 40 systems ranging from Josameto to Embrolgolan.First blood was been drawn by Trexdirex, flying a Hurricane along with one of the University’s famed fleets which have been described by previous hostiles as “blotting out the overview” and “like being nibbled to death by a horde of rabid cats, all riled up on meth”.More to come, as this conflict continues.– Aurea SIbylla, EUNN

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