Burning Sun Fades on the Horizon – The Loss of a General

The HMS Horizon was taken out for her final flight today to meet up with the HMS Burning Sun in honour of the loss of General Stargazer, a long standing member of Eve University for the past 4 years. It is with great sadness to report that the General has been inflicted with an illness that has been reported as life threatening, and although a cure is possible, the chances for survival are low. This very untimely and unfortunate loss coincides with a number of other high profile losses within the corporation and has deeply affected all of those involved.The Generals benevolence and kindness is known throughout the University. In one last act of tearful kindness has seen the donation of a number of Carriers to it’s cause; to give selflessly without expectation or compensation. General Stargazer embodies both the spirit and inspiration for which the University was founded and still thrives on to this very day. It is men like these who’s personal struggle for their own life do not even take them away from their own dedication to serving others. It is men like this who make us strong, proud and free to survive in the harsh realities of New Eden. Men like this are rare, often true and seldom glorified in their humbleness. It is men like these who we all look up to with pride and honour. It is men like these, who all other men wish to become. It is men like these who brings great sadness and tears for their loss.It is with these values and many more, that his brother, Super General, saw out the final flight of General Stargazer with Eve University. With an escort fleet comprised of current and ex-E-UNI members, the group travelled to Maila in The Forge, where the General Stargazer swapped to the HMS Burning Sun.The fleet then witnessed the final jump activation of the dreadnaught, as it left for destinations unknown, beyond the edge of charted space.In memorial,– M. Dawn, EUNN

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