E-UNI Celebrations Cause Property Damage

KORSIKI, THE FORGE – Following the official cease fire notification for the conflict between Ivy League and NyX Incoming [N1X] forces, a huge celebration rocked the School of Applied Knowledge. The ‘Ivy Bar and Grill’ was packed with IVY Naval Personnel celebrating their victory, and free ‘warbeer’ and meals were provided to those who had served.However, all was not entirely merry as a heated argument regarding the exact direction of hostile ships after they had escaped IVY fleets erupted into a minor brawl. No serious injuries were reported, though one table and some tableware was damaged. The reasons for the brawl were attributed to a combination of excessive warbeer and high spirits, and no arrests were made.Elsewhere the in the station, hangar crews were seen working extra hard in an effort to get ships ready for the end of the cool down period, as ships ranging from massive freighters to tiny exploration frigates were being prepared. During one rush of ships exiting the station, a frigate owned by an Amarr noble was apparently moved onboard AI to avoid an imminent collision, which resulted in an impact with the station. The owner was last seen in a headed discussion with his insurance agent, the outcome of which is not known at this time.– Lord Wulfengheist, EUNN

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