A Possible End To Hostilities?

KORSIKI, THE FORGE – A number of prospective new students have been frequenting the School of Applied Knowledge station over the last few days, waiting in anticipation of a possible cease fire between Eve University (E-UNI) and the NyX Incoming corporation (N1X). Hostilities between E-UNI and N1X began at 16:31 hrs on 30-July-2008 and the anticipated one-week mark will arrive at the same time of day on 6-August-2008.After some early maneuvering and a pair of heated battles, the E-UNI/N1X War has been relatively quiet during the second half of the week. Many believe that the lowered level of activity may mean the end of fighting after only seven days, but members remain cautious.”They may renew just to annoy us,” reasoned Kody Apollo, E-UNI Student and Events Manager.Eve University recently enlisted a number of new Recruitment Officers (R.O.’s) following a forum call from Recruiting Manager Aphrodite Whiterose. This bolstering of ranks was performed in part to prepare for the anticipated deluge of new recruits. Particular focus was given for new R.O.’s whom are able to cover time zones where current staff were not often present.New sign-ups eagerly await the official word within the E-UNI Public Channel. The channel’s Message of the Day (MOTD) will indicate to the public, and to aspiring applicants, the current status of the war. Hopes remain high that a cease fire is soon in coming.– Turhan Bey, EUNN

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