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In August, there will be an exciting series of free-for-all tournaments for members of EvE University! If you’ve never participated in this type of event before, you don’t want to miss out. Win or lose, everyone involved is sure to have a lot of fun fighting to be the last man standing!

On August 8th at 02:00 Eve Time, all EvE Univeristy pilots who are approximately six months or younger will have a chance to hone their skills and learn how FFAs work, in the Last Newb Standing frigate tournament.

On August 22nd & 23rd is the big event: a Battle Royale open to ALL members of EvE University. On the first day there will be two fights: frigates and then destroyers. On the second day, the big guns come out: cruisers, and finally battle-cruisers!

Currently, thanks to the generous donations of your fellow E-Uni pilots, the total prizes for all events is somewhere over  billion ISK! That’s right. E-i-g-h-t-b-i-l-l-i-o-n! But remember, while the prizes are great they are not our primary goal. The purpose of these events is for all of us to come together as a corp, and have some fun, and participate in something special.

Please click the links above for more details.


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HQ is Moving

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Earlier today our CEO, Azmodeus Valar, announced that the HQ of EVE University will move from Aldrat to Slays. The following text was given to explain the movement:

Since 2009, EVE University has listed Aldrat as its official headquarters in New Eden. This was the latest in a history of different locations, ranging from 0.0 to Korsiki. It too will soon be part of our history.

On August 1st, 2015 EVE University will change its official headquarters to the Slays system, located near the market hub of Stacmon. This will involve moving of all University Services based at Aldrat, including, but not limited to services such as hangars, BYOM, and PYOS.

This will not be our forever home, but is merely another step to keep the University focused on what helps us meet the needs of our students. It is our hope that the new location will best serve the University moving forward, much as Aldrat was selected in 2009 as the best option at that time.

There will be small disruptions in University services during the move. Logistics staff and Management have been working behind the scenes for the last month in preparation, but some work still remains.

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Directorship Moves

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On 16 July 2015 Azmodeus Valar, CEO of EVE University announced the following:

With the recent departure of Irdalth from his position as Director of Public Information, some changes are taking place with other Directors.

First, the section for Public Information is being renamed “Communications”. This better encapsulates its intended role.
They will oversee the front page, wiki, and social media on one front, along with Diplomacy for in-game relations.

Kivena, our Director of Education, will be transitioning over to be Director of Communications. They have represented the Uni at fanfest, overseen significant projects on the wiki, and are an overall great individual. This new job is a perfect match for their skills.

Titus Tallang, Teaching Director, will be filling Kivena’s old position overseeing Teaching, Events and Mentors as Director of Education. Titus has been instrumental in maintaining our teaching section, and it is a natural transition.

The current position of Teaching Director is being changed to a manager position, and will be filled at some point in the future.

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New Mumble Server

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Starting on Tuesday July 7, 2015, all EVE University operations will be officially moving to its new Mumble servers. The address for the new servers are:

Official Mumble Server:voice.eveuniversity.org, default port (64738)

Public Mumble Server: voice.eveuniversity.org, port (64739)

The current servers will remain up and available for a week or two afterward, just as a fallback in case any critical issues are found with the new server. If no problems are found, then they will be decomissioned and no longer available, so all operations should move to the new servers. Authentication on the new servers is the same as before. When you first log in, you must enter your forum password. Thereafter, you will no longer be asked for your password. However, you should make a backup of your Mumble certificate, because if you lose it (including re-installing Mumble so that it creates a new one) then you will lose your access to the server until an admin manually un-registers your account.


Please notice the change in address.  One week after a redirect will be put in place, but will cause your mumble to show a certificate error if you continue to try and use the old address. Please switch to the new address on July 7th.

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Fleet 101 Class: June 26 at 19:00 EVE Time:

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Hosted by Lockey813

Fleet 101 is designed to go over general fleet formation and function (aka what to expect in a fleet). This course is designed for the new player to get more familiar with being in a fleet and to get out there and pew pew pew. Class lecture is open to anyone and the practical is open to anyone in Eve University. If you are not in E-UNI, you would need to set the corp Blue for the duration of the fleet.

Duration: 80 minutes (Lecture) + 60 minutes (practical) + 10 minutes (wrap up/questions)
Location: Docked up safely in Amygnon VIII – Moon 5 – Garoun Investment Bank Vault
Destination: Low Sec for PVP practical
Time: Friday 2015.06.26 at 1900 eve time
SRP: 100% Ship Replacement Program - I will SRP your T1 Frig (T1/T2 modules, no faction) at 100%

Class contents:

Purpose of Fleets (PVP/PVE)
Fleet Roles (scout/tackle/dps/logi)
Fleet Preparations (ship fittings/Scout/Lx/Wx)
Fleet Commands (broadcasts, watch list, J word)
Scouting (DSCAN use, reporting intel)
Practical (look for some pew pew in low sec)

Student requirements (General):

Mumble registration and access – make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational well before the class begins. - We are using public mumble
Use this guide for set-up: http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Mumble and ensure you have Push-to-talk set.
Access to the Lecture.E-UNI in-game chat channel
Access to Twitch.TV for Lecture/Scouting/DSCAN material: http://www.twitch.tv/lockey813

Student requirements (Practical):

Join the Fleet 101 – Eve University in your fleet finder window
Have your *Overview set to the uni standard or something over than the eve default
One of the listed ships below or another T1 Frig (Scram/Web/MWD) (Lockey813 will have extra FREE ships to hand out!)
The fits listed are a general guide (new player fit), you can use your own or meta up as needed – fit with Scram/Web/MWD
In Amygnon, docked in a station: Amygnon VIII – Moon 5 – Garoun Investment Bank Vault

*Setting up your overview (do this before the class)
http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Installin … y_Overview
http://forums.ponywaffe.org/topic/4552- … -overview/

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CCP Announces New EVE Online Art Director, Updates Work on Dominix

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CCP has recently announced the new Art Director for EVE Online.  CCP Jorg introduced themselves as well as provided an update on the visual redesign of the Dominix.

As CCP Jorg stated,

“Once we got some breathing room to start on other projects, the Dominix quickly stood out as an obvious choice!  It´s by no means a new project, as the design created by CCP Caiman has been ready for quite some time.  Unfortunately workload pushed the actual creation of the asset back several times.  This is not unusual for us. We usually have some re-designs ready for a 3d artist to tackle when time frees up.

When redesigning the Dominix we thought about keeping the retro-feel of this old warhorse, so the silhouettes and base design aesthetics are quite similar to the original version. Now we finally have a small window to dive into this very much awaited project.  CCP Bluescreen is relentless these days building the asset and getting it ready for the texturing phase.  We are very excited to see the final version and it will hit your hangars in the upcoming release in August.”

For more information, we encourage you to read the dev blog in full at the EVE community website:


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Learn about living in Nullsec: making money, surviving, ships, and Q&A. June 2 at 19:00 EVE time:

by on 2015.06.01, under News

Ryac Sampaio, member of Gladiators of Rage in the RAZOR Alliance, will be hosting a Q&A concerning life in null security space.

Hello Unistas!

Some time ago I moved on from the Uni and have lived in nullsec with 2 different alliances. The learning curve of living full time in nullsec is quite steep and I’ve learned a helluva lot of lessons since moving there. More often than not the hard way. For those of you who may look to move onto Nullsec in future I’d like to pass on the lessons I’ve learned so that you all can enjoy it as much as possible, and also so that you have a much less expensive time of it as I have!! :D

Duration: Approx 1 hour.
Location: Docked up safely in a station.

What you’ll need:

  • Access to the lecture.e-uni channel ingame.
  • Access to the public mumble server, there’ll be a channel at the time called “Living in Nullsec”.

Class Contents:

  • Making Money.
  • Surviving.
  • Ships.
  • Q&A.

Please note that I’ll be touching on some subjects that will have their own classes (e.g. PI, Fitting) but I won’t be going into them in any great detail.

Hope to see many of you there!!
Ryac Sampaio.


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