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OP Homulilly: EVE University evicts Absolute Defiance member corporation

by on 2015.05.11, under News

On the weekend of the 11th of May, EVE University conducted a three-day operation codenamed “OP Homulilly” under the command of veteran Wormhole Campus members Arimos and Alex Robles.

During these three days, a University fleet invaded the wormhole system of J235117 and successfully evicted resident corporation Tempest Legion, members of notorious high-sec wardec alliance Absolute Defiance.

Over the course of the operation, upwards of 20 billion ISK in hostile assets were destroyed, and multiple billion ISK worth of loot were donated to University coffers.

A full AAR for the operation is publicly available on the EVE University forums:
OP Homulilly: Aftermath of a weekend

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EVE University vs Brave Newbies Event! Fun was had!

by on 2015.03.08, under Events, News

On Saturday 28th Feb, the two best-known Learning Corps in New Eden met up in low security space for a pre-arranged newbro battle!

On the day of the event, the Uni had over 80 ships in the travel fleet, many of them out on their first ever fleet! BNI fielded even more pilots for the fights and also provided a *protection* fleet to ensure no third parties spoiled our T1 fun (thanks for that, guys!), and fun it definitely was!

Here’s a screenshot of the beautiful E-Uni ‘blob’ at the staging system!

We fought several ’rounds’, reshipping quickly in between, popping a crazy amount of ships, and then held a free-for-all at the Sun before helping some folks who wanted to get home quick by ‘pod express’!

In my opinion, we all ‘won’ with this event, and the overwhelming opinion from those who took part was:
“10 out of 10 would do it again”!

Thanks Wilhelm Knicklicht (for the Uni) and Kira Tsukimoto (for Brave) for getting together to get this event set up, and thanks to everybody on both sides for making it possible,
with donations of ships, isk, help or by turning up to fight!

E-Uni are looking forward to the next time!

Read the full AAR from our FC Wilhelm Knicklicht HERE

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OP GriefSeed: EVE University evicts Public-Enemy allies

by on 2014.10.31, under News, War

On the weekend of the 24th of October, EVE University conducted a three-day operation codenamed “OP GriefSeed” under the command of teaching manager Titus Tallang.

During these three days, a University fleet invaded the wormhole system of J144739 and successfully evicted resident corporation Hounds of Haides, who University intelligence indicated as having extremely close ties to notorious high-sec wardec alliance Public-Enemy, going so far as to shelter ships belonging to that alliance within their POS shields for prolonged periods of time on multiple occasions.

Over the course of the operation, upwards of 4.5 billion ISK in hostile assets were destroyed.

A full AAR for the operation is publicly available on the EVE University forums:
Law of Cycles: GriefSeed no more

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The all new EUni Podcast is now live!

by on 2014.10.26, under News


EVE University is pleased to bring you the first ever Podcast. Your hosts Kazon Necht and Danielle en Divalone will host a podcast every three weeks that centers around EVE University and the Newer Player Experience. Each podcast will features various guests from the University and EVE in general as we explore different areas of the University and how they impact EVE in general. We will also discuss the most recent release as well as the upcoming patch announcements which will also focus on how it affects the newer player experience and EUni members in general.

We are excited to have our first show center around introducing EVE University to the playerbase as well as introducing our CEO Azmodeus Valar to those who serve with him in the University and ILN. We ask Azmo questions about himself and his time in EVE, his ambitions with the Uni going forward and then we take time to analyze the upcoming patch, Phoebe, and how it will affect our players.

Please check out http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Podcast for more information and the most recent podcast release!

Thanks and fly safe!

Kazon Necht and Danielle en Divalone

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New Director of Education

by on 2014.07.17, under News

Our CEO Azmodeus Valar just posted the following 

Please join me in congratulating Kivena, our new Director of Education.

The Director of Education oversees the core business of EVE University, training new players. He decides on the overall strategies to maximise the educational side of EVE University. He manages the training department (classes), events department and mentoring department and ensures operations in these departments are running smoothly.

for more information, or to congratulate Kivena check out the forum thread

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by on 2014.07.11, under Devblogs, News

CCP recently added another Devblog about the upcoming Crius patch

Compact Brackets

Read more here



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by on 2014.07.09, under Devblogs, News

CCP posted another blog regarding the upcoming industry changes.

Hello Capsuleers!

This is CCP SoniClover from Team Super Friends, one of EVE’s dev groups working as part of the Industry revamp. The bulk of what we’ve been doing will be coming your way in Crius on July 22. The major portion of our labor has been the industry landscape, namely scaling of job costs based on activity and teams. Teams are specialized NPC workers that can modify your industry jobs. We’ve discussed the basics of these features in previous dev blogs, namely here for cost changes and here for teams.

This dev blog will go over some of polish and iterations we’ve done based on testing and feedback from the Council of Stellar Management and players like you. Also, at the end I will discuss the team specialties in a bit more detail than in the previous blog.

To find out more about the upcoming changes read the full Devblog here

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