My First Day in EVE University

One of our newest members, Hanayo Shihari, spent their first day in EVE University exploring the campuses available. Here is his fantastic write up of his experience:

“My first day in the UNI, and I decided to visit every Campus HQ, and got an extra special surprise when I got smartbombed (first lossmail!) and spawned in my med clone with EGGS in the system! (First ever wormhole!)

I didn’t stay long in each system, just popped in, said Hello and took a screenshot.

High Sec Campus – First Impressions? BUSTLING! Wow, so many people flitting about, just in the few minutes I was there I could tell that the HSC must be a popular choice for unistas.

Low Sec Campus – I understand that this campus moved (recently-ish?), from what I saw as I flew through, there seems to be something for everyone! Access to every type of security space, and it seemed very central, like close to other campuses. I felt like I could live here and experience a new part of the game every day.

Null Sec Campus – Thar be bubbles! Granted, I didn’t actually see any bubbles, but I assume they’re here somewhere. The sense of leaving security and safety behind was very real just on my way through. Jumping into a system and seeing even one name in local without a blue or green icon was enough to sharpen the senses and make me think about my next move.

Amarr Mining Campus – Friendly people! I didn’t spend long here, but Resource Harvesting, Processing and, Industry absolutely fascinate me. I’ll definitely be spending some time with the AMC in the future, perhaps when I’m no longer an alpha and can fly something more useful than an alpha-fit venture.

Project Solitude – This project seems really interesting to me. This campus area was another bustling group of systems, full of people flitting about and doing their eve thing. It was like being in New-New Eden (lol) like a self contained universe of it’s very own. I can hardly wait to spend some time here and learn what it takes to survive far from standard trade routes.

Wormhole Campus – I really lucked out here! This was the one campus I was sure I wouldn’t get to see for a long time, however after I got smartbombed back to my med clone today (which was my first ever non-scripted lossmail, like not from the tutorial missions), I replaced my Heron and figured I’d scan down a relic/data site or two in my “home” system, just to get over the lost time and isk. Imagine my surprise when I scanned down a wormhole, which I would typically ignore because as an alpha I can’t cloak, only to notice a BOOKMARK right on top of the signature! Eggs spawned in my home system! That must have used up all my good luck for the decade.

I couldn’t very well pass the opportunity up, and jumped through. My very first ever wormhole. I had no idea what to expect, since this is one thing I haven’t done much research on (being an alpha and a newbie) but luckily the Dormitory was right there, so I zipped over, grabbed a screenie and docked up to say hello.

Special thanks to Shizuka Shinano for saying Hi and pushing back that unbelievable (and amazing!) sense of loneliness that comes from wormhole space!

I can’t wait to visit again.

Thanks to everyone that said hi as I passed through, and to the Uni itself for providing this amazing and diverse community for experiencing so much of what New Eden has to offer.

Now if only this had helped me make a decision on where to live!”

If you want to follow in Hanayo’s steps, apply to EVE University today.

This post is pulled from a forum post by Hanayo Shihari. See the original post here.

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