EVE University London Meet – After Action Report

On Saturday, 30th of June, EVE University had a meet-up of current and past members. All in all about 16 members and alumni joined in on the meet in London. Of those, four are part of our current directorate and two managers in EVE University.

Our field reporter Laura Karpinski (also CEO) wrote up a little After Action Report with all the goings on.

“Bates and I arrived in London in the early afternoon, checked into our hotel in the blazing heat and went off to look for the nearest pub to cool off. Which to those of a class level like ours means Wetherspoons. We grabbed some nice cold drinks and some food with Jilokari Kurvora and had a good catch up. After a while we were joined by Dunar Dolorgiet and we decided to head over to the meet-up venue at Hay’s Galleria.

When we got there the venue was packed due to it being a World Cup match day. Jacob Velora had reserved some tables up on the balcony. There were lots of people I had met at previous meet-ups and some awesome people I had not met before as well. We stayed at Hay’s for a while, grabbing some food and chatting about spaceships and stuff closer to home.

After a few hours some people had headed home and the rest of us wandered along the Thames to Old Thameside Inn, where we sat overlooking the river with some more drinks, enjoying the lights of London and the boats passing by.

It’s always fantastic meeting people who you speak with regularly but don’t normally see in person. I’d encourage anyone, who can, to attend a player meet. Check out EVE Meet for upcoming player meetups. There’s already been talk of the next EVE Uni player meet, and I can not wait.”

We want to thank all the attendees for making the time to come to this meet-up, and especially all the alumni who are still keeping in touch with our community.

The next meet this year will be in the wonderful town of Leuven, Belgium, and is currently being planned, look forward to updates on that.

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  1. Junmei Hucel-Je will be attending at Toronto! I can make EveUNI buttons to give out if anyone’s interested….. 🙂 One of my clients is a button making company…. 🙂

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