Security Status rule change

EVE University’s mission is to teach players how to play EVE Online. In order to accomplish this mission, we must constantly evolve and change as EVE itself changes.

For many years we have required that pilots try to maintain their security status above -2, with a hard limit of -5, to ensure that all pilots could participate in high sec operations and activities. That is going to change.

Effective immediately, we are implementing a three month test with relaxed rules on security status:

-3.99 or higher: Players may join EVE University, receive titles and join campuses
-4.0 to -4.99: Players may not join EVE University, and members may not receive any new titles.
-5.0 to -10.0: Members risk being removed from EVE University.

Any member who becomes a finalist in an official PVP tournament hosted by CCP is exempt from these requirements.

Members should be aware that regardless of EVE University’s rules there are in-game consequences to having security status below -2, in that they will start to be hunted by faction police in certain high sec systems. This may affect their game play and the type of fleets they can join.

With this new freedom comes new responsibility. We are one corp, united. In instances where we must rally for high security operations, it is the responsibility of all pilots to reach -2 for safe high sec operations. While these operations are uncommon, pilots should be aware the possibility exists that they will have to buy tags for major military action.

At the end of the three month trial we will review to see how successful it has been and will consider whether to keep the policy or change it back to how it was. Please don’t go crazy with this, remember all the other EVE University rules still stand, including our rules of engagement and showing respect for other players.

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