Ascension and EVE University

November 15th will bring a significant change to EVE Online in for the form of alpha clones – the new “Free to Play” option. Like many new player corps, EVE University has been making preparations for the Ascension expansion.

  • Enhanced Classes – Our teaching department is focusing its efforts on basic level classes for players with little to no experience in EVE Online.
  • Improved Recruitment – We have a new and improved recruitment process, which has already reduced the time it takes for really new players to join EVE University.
  • New Doctrines – Our campuses have been working on new doctrines which are suitable for alpha clone members.
  • Evolving Our Wiki – We are recruiting more wiki staff to ensure our UniWiki remains the most reliable and up-to-date resource for information about EVE Online.
  • Supporting New Players – We are maintaining a presence in the general help channels to answer questions.

Our classes are open to the public and you can see the upcoming live classes on our calendar. We also have a library of recorded classes on our Youtube channel.

EVE University looks forward to educating a new generation of capsuleers.

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