Giant Mercoxit Gas Cloud Endangers Minmatar Space

Millions of passengers are facing delays and flight cancellations as a giant Mercoxit Gas Cloud drifts through Aptetter.

Several hauling companies have also halted deliveries, and the Minmatar Republic have been issuing military vessels with additional measures to ensure their safety throughout this event.

We asked Evlon Keptassi from the Minmatar Safety Commission for details of the precautions being taken.

“A squad of five Thrashers have been assigned to permanent duty while the Mercoxit Cloud is present within Minmatar Space.  The pilots have been detailed to fly through the outlying reaches of the cloud, and the ships are then tested for the quantity of Mercoxit that collects in the ducts when they return to base.  We are using this method to monitor the precise danger to the public, and will lift traffic restrictions once we are happy they have returned to a safe level.”

We secretly followed one of these vessels on its mission, and observed as  it entered the cloud.  The majority of ducts promptly fell off the ship, along with a quantity of polyethylene material.

When asked about this incident, Mr. Keptassi refused to comment.

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