DUST University Launched Following E3

Following the pivotal announcement at E3 2011 by CCP CEO Hilmar P├ętursson slating the much anticipated DUST 514 for an exclusive PlayStation 3 release in the summer of 2012, we have a tantalizing announcement of our own. With much excitement, EVE University CEO Kelduum Revaan announced today the formal launch of the DUST University website; www.dustuniversity.org.

It is expected that following the immense success of EVE University as a learning institute, many of our corporate ideals and goals will be carried forward across platforms. It is an exciting new venture, and presents a new avenue for the University to continue it’s excellence in the training of players – now only pilots, but soon, mercenaries and warriors also.

DUST University information will be periodically updated in the run up to the launch of DUST 514.

For further information about DUST 514: www.dust514.com

The E3 2011 Trailer for DUST 514 can be viewed here:


7 thoughts on “DUST University Launched Following E3

  1. “An idea so crazy it just might work”

    -sorry, couldn’t resist.

  2. *sighs* Not sure I want to buy a PS3 solely for this title though.

  3. Pity it’s PS3 only, otherwise I’d be very tempted to buy it.

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