What’s the Deal About Fanfest?

Fanfest VII is the in-person EVE Online player/CCP convention in Reykjavik, Iceland, held between March 23-26. Folks get to mingle, visit, party, and see the sights, and several thousand have attended and enjoyed past Fanfests. Events scheduled to happen at this year’s include presentations and round tables, the PvP Tournament, Dev Track 2011, fun competitions, and more.

What if you can’t make the trek to Iceland and see and feel Fanfest live? You’ve got options for joining in too. You can check out highlights of events & roundtables, live coverage of many of the fest’s major presentations, and see commentary and interviews from the folks who are there. Streaming is free at at the Fanfest Stream site, with a paid HD option that grants you a special in-game clothing item. Plus, the free program book can also be downloaded.

Fanfest VII

Fanfest VII

While the specifics of what will be streamed and when is not known at this time, you can keep your eye out for Dev Track items, such as Dream Apps and EVE API. Also watch for presentations from devs about the future of EVE, and informal round tables where attendees will discuss ships, Incarna, Carbon, Incursions, and more.

EVE University CEO Kelduum Revaan has confirmed that he will be attending Fanfest this year, taking a much deserved break from his many duties running the University. EVE University will indeed have a presence at Fanfest and fans and members alike are encouraged to meet one another and socialize.

University members are encouraged to share their experiences with their Corp mates, and the Mumble Voice Comms server remains a popular choice to share the gory details, along with a fly-by-fly of the live stream.

All in all there is much excitement in the air, and with Fanfest moved to March this year and not occuring at all in 2010 (popular speculation blame the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano is the primary cause for this), it has left many fans and event regulars with a withdrawal for what the community event offers.

Are you attending Fanfest 2011? If so, we would like to hear more about it. Details here.

Are you an EVE University alumni or current student planning to attend Fanfest 2011? If so, you can find further information about fellow Unistas attending on the forums.

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  1. That was quiet an experience (was my first Fanfest)! Next time I will try to find and talk to other E-UNI members more intensely 🙂 . This time I only managed to shake hands with Kelduum (during the Chessboxing event).

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