New EVE University Director of Education Announced

EVE University today celebrates it’s 7th Birthday. It was around this time seven years ago that Morning Maniac established a humble teaching institute, with the aim of helping players learn and develop their EVE Online skills and knowledge. Today the University has grown – with multiple departments and facilities and over 1500 students, EVE University is the largest institution of it’s kind in New Eden, and still immensely popular.

With this joyous occasion on hand, EVE University is proud to announce today that after the retirement of the former Director of Education Dierdra Vaal, CEO Kelduum Revaan had approached Teacher Manager Neville Smit to take up the mantle, which he did so formally on March 13th. Neville Smit has seen a successful spell as Teacher Manager, handling much of the department’s duties and organization – an asset well appreciated by former Director Vaal.

Neville Smit - Director of Education

Neville Smit - Director of Education

Director Smit was gracious enough to speak to us briefly about his new appointment and give us a small insight into what he has planned for the Education Department – one of the cornerstones of the University.

Zeroniss: First of all Neville, a big congratulations. How are you feeling currently? Excited by the task at hand?

Neville Smit: Absolutely! The University has been very good to me, and I’m delighted to be able to give something back.  The opportunity to help new pilots gain their footing in EVE, and to go on to succeed in whichever career they choose, is something that gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Z: The new position carries a lot of responsibilities. Are you worried at all?

NS: I’d be silly to not be at least a little bit intimidated – with over 1500 members, E-UNI is one of the largest and most well known corporations in EVE Online.  I have a lot of experience in the University though – having been a teacher, a mentor, a recruiting officer, a professor, and a manager in my time here,  so I think I am as equipped to step up to the Director job as I can be.

Z: Any exciting changes you have planned immediately for the department?

NS: Not right away; we’ll focus on offering more classes on EVE fundamentals and some of the more advanced topics.  Later onwards, I think you can expect to see more content available in different media too.  And more guest speakers of course – EVE is a big community, and we want to tap into all parts of it if possible, to better educate our members.

Z: How would you describe former Director Dierdra Vaal?

NS: Dierdra Vaal contributed a lot to the success of EVE University.  I’m very proud and flattered to be carrying on in his footsteps.

Z: Well, now you are here, and all eyes will be on you. Do you have a general message for the student population?

NS: Yes. BOW DOWN AND WORSHIP ME, MY MINIONS! No, probably not that…

NS: If you are new to EVE Online, EVE University is where you want to be.  Not only is it the perfect place to learn about succeeding in New Eden, it is also a great community, and one that you will always be a part of.  I’m very pleased that I can contribute to that legacy.

With that EVE University begins a new year, and under the guidance of a new Director. Please join me ladies and gentlemen in congratulating Mr. Neville Smit on his recent appointment, and come join us as we celebrate E-UNI’s birthday!

Have you recently graduated from or attended EVE University? Tell us about your story here. Alternatively, are you a new player and looking for directions on how to learn the game? Instructions on applying to EVE University here.

10 thoughts on “New EVE University Director of Education Announced

  1. Many Congratulations Neville.

    And muchos thanks to Dierdra Vaal for his previous work, whom i myself learned much from during my earliest times in the harsh world of EvE.

  2. Grats Neville, loved your classes though so hope this promo dosent meam we’ll stop seeing you do them

  3. Congrats, Nev 🙂 And Happy 7th! Birthday, Eve Uni.

  4. Congratz and much success in your new position! 🙂

  5. /me bows down to the glorious Neville. All hail Neville, master of the mining fleet! Hail his greatness! HAIL!

  6. wow what an astonishing website truly an net potency when it comes to this topic thank you for share-out this bang-up sixth sense 😫

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