Vote for your Council of Stellar Management 6

The Council of Stellar Management 6 voting polls have opened – starting March 9, 2011. There are 57 candidates from various alliances, factions, corporations, and independents. Some are new to the game, others have played for years, and some previous CSM members (this year and others) are also on the list.

Our own Dierdra Vaal has developed a useful Vote Match web-tool, where you can answer a few questions in a poll about your game interests and preferences, then see the results of how your own preferences match with the stated goals/inclinations of the candidates. It is a starting place to help you research who you want to vote for. You can then find more information about the candidates at Jita Park Speakers Corner and Council Candidates Views.

During the open polls, EVE University will host impromptu CSM talks as candidates become available and show interest in sharing their experience and goals with E-UNI. EVE University does not back any specific candidate but you have a great chance to check out some of the front runners on our Mumble. Keep an eye on your EVEmail for Corporate announcements of impromptu chats.

You can vote HERE; all paying accounts older than 30 days at the time of their vote are entitled one vote. Voting for CSM6 ends on March 22, 2011 at 23:59 UTC.

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