Under the Anonymous Crosshairs

EVE University has had an interesting 7th birthday. Coming out of a three and a half week period of almost continuous war, students were greeted this morning with a notification that war had been declared against Ivy League by Holding Corp One – a one man corporation headed by an alt character.

EVE University CEO Kelduum Revaan was available for comment. “I am saddened by this latest turn of events. It has been brought to my attention by the sole member of Holding Corp One that this war declaration has an ulterior motive – one designed to cause trouble and hassle for the University population.”

Kelduum referred to the correspondence he had received from the one-man-war-declarer, which seemed to hint towards a general dissatisfaction with EVE University leadership, culminating in the odd decision to harass the student population itself.

“I have put a very specific process in place for approaching and contacting me about any members of staff who are acting in an inappropriate manner. This process has never been a secret and I am severely disappointed that this individual has sought such a disruptive method of trying to get his point across.”

It is of particular worth to note that the individual in question has opted to using a two week old alt to arrange the operation against the University. The lack of using their main character to voice their concerns detracts severely from their credibility, making any complaint or demand they make very difficult to address. The University maintains a policy of neutrality and any words of criticism from external sources is always received warmly and fully considered without prejudice.

EVE University Teacher and Events Manager, Qato Vollan, was particularly agitated. “The University had arranged a terrific event to for it’s 7th birthday to allow students to relax and partake in some light hearted fun. Sadly this quick succession of wars has hampered such plans greatly.”

And such is the sad truth. Often while people don the mask of anonymity and go forth to enact some form of vigilante justice, some kind of innocent bystander is left in the lurch. In enforcing their scheme to bring pressure onto the EVE University directorate, the members of the so called “gang of sixteen” have directly had a negative effect on the gameplay of almost 1500 young players new to EVE University, all to introduce a war that has little to no promised substance.

As it stands, EVE University remains staunch, their channels of communication still open to any diplomatic ties that Holding Corp One may want to make, should they realise the true ramifications that their war declaration is having. However, with the countdown to the war start up time fast ticking, it is becoming rapidly apparent that the University students will be subjected to yet another week of war.

However – EVE University does not forget. The ILN is ever vigilant and ever probing, their agents and eyes already investigating the dark corners of New Eden for signs to point them in the right direction. Like a pack of hounds they will chase those shreds right to the true source, and they will strike hard, and they will strike true. It has happened many times before and it will happen many times again.

The war may go on. But EVE University will prevail.

Do you have any information about this or another war? Do you have a similar story to share?
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