E-UNI Guests Lectures on Scamming and Black Ops

EVE University is proud to host a special event this weekend. We are proud to present to our students a guest lecture on Scamming and Black Ops. The guest lecturers are Akay Quinn of GoonWaffe, generally renowned for having his fingers in many secret pies, and Vonqueesha Shenaynay, a talented con-artist.

Akay Quinn

Akay Quinn

The lecture will be coverings issues of a subversive nature; how to run and operate a few beginner scams (which Vonqueesha has graciously agreed to lecture on), and matters of social psychology and it’s impact on politics and in-game society – in short, meta-game skills at their best.

Akay Quinn will briefly cover the realm of spies, and the infiltration and exploitation of Corporations and Alliances – a skill he has all but perfected in his time.

The lecture will additionally cover the use of Black Ops and the associated logistical issues on how to make them successful.

Vonqueesha Shenaynay

Vonqueesha Shenaynay

It is a thoroughly recommended lecture for those who are seeking something a little different and a little exciting. The event is restricted to current Uni members and Alumni only, however a recording of the lecture may be available in the near future.

Additionally, the Media Department is working on securing interviews with both of these very mysterious individuals, and these may be available in the very near future.

E-UNI members are reminded that much of what they will learn in this class CANNOT be used during their time in the Uni, but it offers an excellent insight into the darker side of EVE.

Class Details: Saturday, 5th March 2011, at 18:00 (Server Time)

Futher details can be found in this thread.

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  1. Nice lecture, Von and Akay – and many thanks! I hope this will be the first of many such lectures on the “dark side” of EVE!

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