A Black Eye for Duckeye

ALDRAT, METROPOLIS – There had been rumours afloat for the past week of a secret ILN operation afoot. Voices were kept low and for the most part, everyone was busy speculating as to what the operation could be. The veil was lifted this Friday however, and a strike force consisting of dozens of Ivy League Navy personnel departed from Adrat.

ILN Fleet Staging Grounds, Aldrat - Image Courtesy Honsou Blackblade

ILN Fleet Staging Grounds, Aldrat - Image Courtesy Honsou Blackblade

The ILN fleet was unique to what was commonly fielded by the ILN – in that the main focus had gone to operating battleships. A truly terrifying armada departed the staging grounds in Aldrat. The group later rendevouzed with members of Adhocracy Incorporated, a Corporation with very friendly terms with the University.

In a joint operation, EVE University and Adhocracy Incorporated infiltrated their way into wormhole space, to take out their intended targets – The Empire of Duckeye.

History With Duckeye

Duckeye had been a one-man corporation that had in the past declared war on the University. He had met minimal success, scoring a few kills but for the most part evading ILN forces.

Empire of Duckeye

Empire of Duckeye

The ILN does not forget grudges, however, and when intel came to light about a Duckeye POS in wormhole space, the opportunity was irresistible, and a plan spanning many weeks was put into place to orchestrate and execute a perfect operation.

And perfect it was – within the first hours of the infiltration, E-UNI and their ADHC allies had set up an operational POS of their own to stage the combat from. Reports began to come through that Duckeye was rapidly self destructing the ships he had stored in his POS, to prevent them coming into enemy hands. One such notable ship loss was a Legion class advanced cruiser – an extremely expensive ship that is highly sought after.

“It is unclear at this time how many assets were destroyed by Duckeye himself to prevent us from seizing them,” an ILN Commanding Officer noted. “A Carrier class ship was also spotted, but it was logged offline in deep space so as not to be spotted or engaged.”

Duckeye POS Being Destroyed - Image Courtesy Karasu Zed

Duckeye POS Being Destroyed - Image Courtesy Karasu Zed

The action was flawless – with a perfect infiltration and setup, E-UNI and ADHC proceeded to punish Duckeye for his past crimes, destroying his starbase. No losses were suffered.
The operation now complete, exfiltration from the wormhole pocket is well under way, with many ILN pilots already safely back in Aldrat. Adhocracy Incorporated were thanked for their time and dedication, and a few of their members were available for comment. M Thomas stated, “I think generally ADHC was happy to help blow stuff up in a wormhole with E-UNI – everyone did a great job. Arskaff was noted as saying, “This is the first time the target self-destructed his assets before we even deployed a POS.”

Further information about Adhocracy Incorporated can be found on their website, or by contacting them ingame.

Does your Corporation or the Corporation of someone you know have negative or poor standings with EVE University? If so, you can take active steps to repair this by contacting the Director of Public Relations.

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  1. Great fun was had by all and success achieved. Awesome job, guys.

  2. Current combat camera footage of the operation is still under review now in the debriefing period but should become declassified in the near future.

  3. Great work guys! Wold love to see some more images of the action.

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