Plastic Surgery Craze Sweeps New Eden

ALDRAT, METROPOLIS — In the past week an unprecedented plastic surgery craze has swept New Eden, leaving many onlookers unable to recognize formerly well-known capsuleers. Some reports point to a new Jovian technology capable of resculpting clones. Jovian or not, the technology’s use has skyrocketed among New Eden’s rich and famous, including corporate mavens, royal heirs, and capsuleers.

When reached for comment capsuleers expressed delight with the ability to alter their appearance. Some pilots sported full heads of hair after years of baldness. “I used to wear a black hood to hide my beak-like nose,” said one Amarrian holder. “Thanks to CCP I’m now a finalist on Amarrian Idol.” Other capsuleers have been more circumspect, with one Eve University manager referring to “a terrible and life-altering accident in his pod”.

Not all changes have been without controversy. In particular, the resculpting technology appears to leave Matari without their traditional tattoos. Media analysts expect tribal signifiers and similar markers to eventually reappear as capsuleers settle into their new looks, but in the meantime social and political gaffes are inevitable. Riots broke out in Heimatar yesterday when the regional governor made a public appearance in an untattooed clone.

The fad for plastic surgery shows no signs of diminishing. The latest rumor involves a “buy one, get one free” deal whereby pilots who have already resculpted their clone will get another opportunity to do so without charge. It’s safe to say the look of New Eden will never be the same.

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  1. Awesome that this got published.
    Already saw it in the uni forums and found it quite enjoyable ^^

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