Pator Tech School Sees Action

PATOR TECH SCHOOL, ALDRAT – Residents and visitors aboard the station were briefly awakened when a short firefight broke out in its near vicinity. Station regulars sighed and shook their heads as stray shots hit the station shields, causing minor tremors to pass through the station.

“We’re bloody used to it now,” said Kelgar McCreedy, as he cleaned a new spirit shot glass. The vibrations passed through the station at roughly 2330 HRS. McCreedy’s establishment, McCreedy’s Tavern, was still catering to patrons at the time, causing minor chaos when drinks were tipped and spilled, causing a brief fight that resulted in Station Security being called in.

“These lads never learn,” Mr. McCreedy added, referring to the latest declaration of war against the on-station campus of Eve University. The perpetrator corporation, The Last Crusade [TLC I], are another in a long line of small corporations who have declared war against the prestigious school. Their CEO, Tallfellar, was unavailable for comment.

The engagement broke out as several blackmarket ‘Dramiel’ class frigates began to orbit the station. Sensing an impending threat, the military arm of the University, the Ivy League Navy (or ILN as they are affectionately referred to in Pator Tech) mobilized a squadron. Further details were not released, but spectators observed an ILN issue Merlin, Jaguar and Megathron exchanging fierce fire with a TLCI Apocalypse-class battleship.

It was the Apocalypse’s very poorly aimed laser fire that raked Pator Tech’s shields, resulting in the minor chaos in the station. Station Manager Helga Malarkey was available to comment on the damage to the station. “It was completely superficial”, she remarked. “But that boy really needs to learn to aim his cannon.”

Spectators were unable to ascertain the exact outcome of the battle. They noticed several plumes of smoke drifting from the Apocalypse-class battleship as it’s armor was being ravaged, shortly before it warped away. But how about damage suffered by ILN? Hangar Manager Gareth Burns was not impressed by our questions. “Battle records are confidential and are available to ILN personnel only”, he said. However shortly after this we ran into the charming Jaguar pilot, Ensign [NAME REDACTED]. He laughed, stopping long enough to comment. “To be honest, I took so little off that engagement that I won’t even be contacting the Armory Master for repairs.” He stopped long enough for us to peek over his shoulder at one line on the battle report.

[TLC I]Morefious (Apocalypse) lightly hits you, doing 199.8 damage.

Life goes on here in Pator Tech School. Classes and day to day activities have not been interrupted. It is day 4 of this war with no way to know when the end will be in sight. However with the recent display of action outside Pator Tech School, the complacency of TLCI in declaring this action is becoming glaringly apparent.

The ILN are busy celebrating the return of their pilots safely tonight, their drinks on the house courtesy of Mr. McCreedy, their spirits still high despite the quick succession of recent wars they have had to fight. Somewhere however, the employees of The Last Crusade will be having a long hard look at the logistical feasibility of this war.

3 thoughts on “Pator Tech School Sees Action

  1. Yeah, pour me another tall one! And some beer nuts to chew on while watching this entertainment, courtesy of TLCI.

  2. I love this new news page! Keep up the good work, and drinks for everyone on me!

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