E-UNI Unveil New Recruitment & Titles Systems

ALDRAT, METROPOLIS — Eve University announced a new recruitment system today, citing a large increase in popularity and applications over the past year as having overwhelmed the old one.

The new system has been designed to cut back on the amount of bureaucracy and red tape that currently sees a single interview taking upwards of an hour. Decisions about applicants will now be based primarily on the contents of their questionnaire, alongside the usual background checks. Details of the new process can be found on the University wiki.

“The wait times for interviews have grown to completely unacceptable levels,” commented E-UNI Director of Personnel Darian Reymont. “We’ve been struggling with the issue for months but nothing we tried could get the old system to do what it needed to do. In the end we accepted that it simply wasn’t designed to handle the demand we now face and with that in mind, we quickly got to work on a replacement.”

The new system will begin operating in a limited fashion today, though the University is keen to stress that the process will not achieve it’s full potential until the transition between the two systems has been completed. Once fully operational, it is expected that wait times will drop from the current four to five weeks to a much more manageable two to three days.

Alongside the changes to the recruitment system, changes are also being implemented to the titles system with a full interview now a requirement for the Freshman title. University staff were quick to point out that this change will apply only to those joining the University under the new recruitment system and not those whom are already students. The interviews themselves will continue to be handled by the recruitment department and a new system for processing those interviews is currently in development. When asked about these changes, Darian had the following to say:

“We decided that with the relaxed security on the door, the University would need tighter internal security in order to properly protect its assets. That’s why we’ve added an interview phase to the Freshman title requirements. We considered drafting a new group of titles staff members to conduct the interviews, but our recruitment officers are already so experienced it made sense to leave the interview process in their capable hands.”

Recruitment staff will even be receiving a title change to better represent their broadened responsibilities, dropping the long-standing Recruitment Officer (RO) title in favour of Student Advisor (SA).  It is expected to take anything up to a week to fully implement all the necessary changes for these new systems, but staff and management alike seem confident that it will bring a noticeable improvement to the day to day running of the University.

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  1. What?! There’s a new UNI title and I don’t have it? This must be fixed, immediately!

  2. love how you quoted yourself in your own article… 😀

  3. Brilliant! I didn’t even notice he was also the writer until you said something.

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