Two months of peace, and then…

After the Privateers dropped the war, we had very nearly 2 full months of peace, which was somewhat unheard of before Faction Warfare.It was good to get back to being the peacetime E-UNI, which as many of you know is significantly different to the wartime E-UNI – lessons were run often, events held, new members joined and old members left for new horizons, and the Uni went back to how it was long ago, before the last year of near-solid war.Then, unfortunately we had the wardec from NyX Incoming, who appear not to have done as much research as they should, however they are certainly due significant respect for the combat and entertainment they brought to us in Korsiki.All in all its been pretty uneventful, barring a few relatively short battles, but this now brings us up to speed with the news, so I can now start posting some of the ‘Embedded Reporter’ stories.

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