Mental health and EVE Online

For many people games are an escape from reality, and it can be difficult for players to admit, even to themselves, that they are struggling ‘in real life’.

Mental Health Awareness Week

For Mental Health Awareness week in May, one of our members, Shauny Tsero, wrote a fantastic series of forum threads on various matters related to mental health:

Mental Health Awareness Week – A broad introduction, covering various conditions

Looking after your mental health – Providing some tips and possible coping mechanisms

Overcoming fears and anxiety – Summarising some tips from the Mental Health Foundation

Introducing mindfulness – Explaining mindfulness and giving some tips on how to practice it

Suicidal feelings – Some information from Mind on identifying and dealing with suicidal feelings

Where to find support

There is help out there if you or someone else needs some support. Just a few of the support options are:

  • Broadcast 4 Reps is a well known and respected organisation supporting EVE players experiencing mental health issues. You can contact them through their public Discord server.
  • Best of Us is a community project for veterans across the world and provides a support network. You can contact them through their public Discord server.
  • EVE University has support available for members. Our Student Advocates are not mental health professionals, but they can assist members experiencing difficulties in the corporation as a result of mental health conditions and try and make their game time more enjoyable, particularly if they are having difficulty interacting with other members.
  • If you are aware of another player making suicidal threats which you think may be serious make an urgent report to CCP so they can contact the relevant local authorities. Support tickets filed under Game Play Support > Stuck” are high priority and will be reviewed urgently by a GM.

If you are in need of support please do reach out to someone. B4R maintains a list of international hotlines.