Interview with: Ky Hanomaa
by Gergoran Moussou


Jumping into a fleet can be a daunting though highly entertaining endeavor for a new player.  It can be an even more daunting prospect for new fleet commanders upon whose shoulders rest the success of the mission, the ships employed, and in some cases the capsuleers themselves. Eve University, a premier teaching corporation within the New Eden universe, provides opportunities to learn the aspects of fleet dynamics.  Recently staff writer Gergoran Moussou was able to sit down in virtual space and talk to one of our first-time fleet commanders, Ky Hanomaa, about his experience.

GM: Your first fleet was a kitchen sink frigate Noobs on Patrol fleet, correct? Why did you pick that instead of a doctrine such as BLAP Merlins?

KH: I just enjoy picking my own stuff and not being restricted to doctrine when running with small numbers. On top of that, I don’t need to coordinate with Logi.

 GM: Prior to that, you had a fair bit of experience with PVP. Did it feel any different jumping the gate to the first fight as FC than it did when as a scout or another role?

KH: Not really, the only thing that was different was actually ‘preparing’ the fleet and the expectations that might be tied to running an official fleet as opposed to an AdHoc fleet, which kind of did put a slight bit of pressure on me in the beginning. That stuff usually vanishes after the first engagement as kills are the ultimate icebreakers. Or just having something to shoot at, no matter how small it is.

 GM: How did you feel about your performance as FC afterwards?

KH: The first fleet was a little starved for content and we did run into the issue of a few people engaging a non-flashy target on a gate without having a proper rundown on bouncing. The feedback I received after the fleet was positive however and I was able to reflect on all mistakes I made during the fleet.

GM: What kind of adjustment to your FC style did you make in response to the feedback?

 KH: Actually include gate-gun mechanics and bouncing during the newbro-speech as well as being more open to take fights that might cost me a few ships, and most importantly, make sure I have at least one experienced scout.

GM: I think that might have actually been the fleet when I lost my Kestrel to gate guns even though I knew better. Do you remember what your newbro speech focused on?

KH: I actually struggle to remember, but I certainly said that I wasn’t going to take non-flashy targets on gates since we didn’t have the proper set-up to do so. Probably basic movement commands and broadcasts.

GM: I think I remember what happened with the gate guns now. Wasn’t it that there was a miscommunication and a flashy jumped at the same time as another ship with orange -5 standings?

KH: Yes, the scouts reported a ‘red’ Hecate and an ‘orange’ Republic Fleet Firetail. The Hecate was flashy, so I called to tackle it, but it got away. About three of our guys ended up aggressing the Firetail which turned out to have negative standings with the Uni.

GM: How did you plan your route, did it take long to plan it?

KH: Not really, as my time roaming solo around the area gave me a good idea of which systems regularly offer content during each respective TZ. I was also fortunate to have guys in the vanguard that I could detach to check out systems that weren’t directly on the route while our scouts went to +1.

GM: You’ve staged fleets out of both HSC and LSC. Which campus do you prefer to stage out of, and are there any other campuses out of which you would like to stage fleets?

KH: I liked the flexibility the LSC Market in Archavoinet offered, but with that gone now, I’ll stage from HSC because it turns out that it makes it easier for the newbros as well, of which I appear to get plenty. As for the future, I might consider staging from NSC once I get a good idea of how fleet engagements work in Null as opposed to Low. My NoP Fleets will still stage from HSC, though.

GM: Do you have any advice for people who are thinking about taking out their first fleets?

 KH: Try to attend as many fleets as possible and fill each of the roles a bunch of times – especially scout. It will make it far easier to detect and understand any issues especially newbros could have in these positions. Which in turn helps approaching and solving said issues as swiftly as possible to resume the fleet. It will also give you knowledge about different ship types and understanding what is engageable and what is not.

GM: You might be the most experienced scout who I’ve flown with in the Uni. How much did that help you?

KH: I generally know how much time the scouts need, when to basically ‘give up’ a system and move on as well as evaluating which targets call for vanguard and when a minor spike in local (by the vanguard) is acceptable. I’m also able to give my scouts direct feedback and help them improve and become more efficient in their own scouting-game.

GM: What kind of ships do you like flying? What is your favorite ship to fly in general (solo or fleet, PVP or otherwise), and why?

KH: For PvP, especially solo, I like flying kitey ships. The Imperial Navy Slicer is probably my favorite, followed by the Retribution. I’ve also tried the Garmur, although I find missiles kind of weird and the Garmur a little too pricey. I also like to fly bombers, be it in small gangs or Blops fleets, as the cloak paired with the NullSec Blackout make for really interesting engagements. I generally dislike brawling, as sitting beside each other trying to simply out-dps and/or out-rep your opponent just feels less accomplishing in my opinion. This might be interesting in larger fleet engagements, but when I fly solo I like to try and outmaneuver my opponents and get as much as I can without being caught.

GM: What doctrines are you interested in trying to FC? And which ones have you enjoyed flying? You’ve mentioned Blops, but what else?

KH: I honestly haven’t thought about it much, as the sole reason for me to FC was to provide PvP content for the newbros.   Since I don’t enjoy larger engagements and prefer the Hit-and-Run-Style I would be semi-interested in trying out a kitey doctrine. I also plan on starting to hunt for Blops Fleets under Bomber’s Bar or Spectre Fleet to get the fundamental experiences needed to eventually FC said fleets in a few years. Both of these kind of doctrines are hard to run with the Uni, as they either require you to have enough SP or good manual piloting skills, so I’m not really sure as to whether there’s much sense running them. 

Thank you Ky for being our first New Fleet Commander Interview! Keep doing what you are doing!

E-UNI to host last CSM8 Town Hall: April 26 @ 19:00

Council of Stellar Management

EVE University will host the next Council of Stellar Management (CSM) Town Hall meeting on its public Mumble server on Saturday, April 26 at 19:00 EVE time.

This will be the final Town Hall for CSM8. The ninth CSM will be elected April 8-22, and announced at Fanfest on May 3.

Instructions for access to the UNI public Mumble server can be found here:

Each Town Hall is an open forum for the CSM to dialogue with EVE Online players about possible future directions for the game’s development. The CSM is a key stakeholder in CCP’s development process, and represents players’ interests.

This Town Hall will be simulcast by EVE Radio. Participants may submit questions to the CSM during the meeting, using an in-game chat channel.

E-UNI to host CCP Falcon in a public Q&A

CCP Falcon

CCP Falcon

On Saturday, May 10 at 16:00 EVE time, EVE University will host a live interview and Q&A session with Paul Elsy, better known as CCP Falcon, EVE Community Manager for CCP Games. The event will be open to everyone on EVE University’s public Mumble server.

The session will be moderated by Neville Smit, E-UNI Director of Education, who said, “We’ll talk about the future direction of the EVE Online community – and promoting a balance between good, supportive player content and some of the more nefarious activities for which EVE Online is famous. We will also talk about the reveals for the upcoming EVE Online expansion announced at Fanfest.”

Participants will need to set up Mumble access – follow these instructions for set-up:

E-UNI to host CCP Guard and CCP Dr.EyjoG in public Q&As

CCP Guard

CCP Guard

EVE University will host live, public interviews and question-and-answer sessions with two CCP Games staffers: CCP Guard and CCP Dr.EyjoG.

First, Eyjolfur “Eyjo” Guðmundsson, better known as CCP Dr.EyjoG, the official on-staff economist for CCP Games, will be E-UNI’s guest for a live interview on Thursday, March 27, starting at 14:30 EVE time.

Next, Sveinn J. Kjarval, better known as CCP Guard, the celebrated Community Developer for EVE Online and emissary for the CCP Corporation in New Eden, will be E-UNI’s guest on Friday, March 28, starting at 17:00 EVE time.

Neville Smit, Teaching Director for E-UNI, will moderate both sessions. “We’ll talk about the EVE Online community and economy, how they have changed, and what the future may hold for EVE Online players,” Smit said. “All are welcome. You do not have to be an EVE University member to attend, so bring your questions!”

CCP Dr.EyjoG

The Q&A sessions will be held on EVE University’s public Mumble channel. Participants may use this guide for set-up:

These sessions are parts of a series of public interviews with prominent EVE Online personalities, conducted in recognition of E-UNI’s 10th anniversary since its founding. Recordings of prior interviews may be found in the EVE University recorded class library, available to anyone for download.


E-UNI to host public interviews with EVE Online celebrities

On March 15, 2014, EVE University will celebrate the 10th anniversary since its founding by Morning Maniac. E-UNI will mark the special occasion with a plethora of special events throughout the month of March. As part of this anniversary celebration, EVE University will host a series of live, public interviews and Q&A sessions of well-known EVE Online celebrities. These events will be held on the UNI public Mumble server, and will be open to anyone, not just E-UNI members. Scheduled so far:

  • March 2, 20:00 EVE time – The Mittani, the CEO of GoonWaffe, head of GoonSwarm Federation, a principal leader of the CFC, former chairman of the Council of Stellar Management, as well as entrepreneurial publisher of the popular online game news sites, (DOWNLOAD of recording of this Q&A)
  • March 3, 21:00 EVE time – Lahari , Executor for Against ALL Authorities (DOWNLOAD of recording for this Q&A)
  • March 6, 20:00 EVE time – Grath Telkin, the CEO of Sniggerdly and FC from Pandemic Legion (DOWNLOAD of recording for this Q&A)
  • March 12, 19:00 EVE time – Morning Maniac, the original founder of EVE University (DOWNLOAD of recording for this Q&A)
  • March 14, 17:00 EVE time – Jonny Pew, well-known EVE Online videoblogger and commentator
  • March 15, 20:00 EVE Time – Jean Leaner, head of Intel for Nulli Secunda (DOWNLOAD 0f recording for this Q&A)
  • March 21, 18:30 EVE time – Chribba, one of the most famous personalities in EVE Online, and one of the few with his own entry in the official Evelopedia (DOWNLOAD 0f recording for this Q&A)

UNI management expects to schedule many more interviews and Q&A sessions. To participate, attendees need to register on EVE University’s public Mumble server. Use this guide for set-up: Participants may post questions on the Lecture.E-UNI in-game chat channel.

CCP Games praises EVE University Wiki as a Featured Fansite

In a recent post by CCP Gargant, the EVE University Wiki, also known as the UNIWiki, was identified as a “Featured Fansite”, because of its value to both new and experienced players of EVE Online.

The UNIWiki is a free resource available to anyone. CCP Gargant wrote: “The wiki provides information on almost everything within EVE Online. Epic Arcs, mining, industry, PvP, ship types, Lore, and even scams have a section there, and that is by no means a finite list. I strongly suggest you head on over to see if you find something to your liking.”

Azmodeus Valar, CEO of EVE University, said, “Thanks for all the great words about the wiki. However, we can’t do it alone. We can always use help correcting out of date information, or adding new information.”

A History Lesson & Some News

Time for a bit of a history lesson…

Nine years ago, at 14:33 EVE time on March the 15th, Morning Maniac founded EVE University. So much of the Uni’s early years have unfortunately been lost to history, but I do know that what now transcends any game structure, had begun as a replacement for the “Help” channel.

In June 2006, six and three-quarter years and 120 million SP ago, I started playing EVE again after bouncing off it way back in 2004. It didn’t take long for me to find E-UNI, which at the time was evacuating from the Geminate region (yes, we owned nullsec space one) with the collapse of the alliance The Big Blue. Back then, there were no drone regions, the Drake didn’t yet exist, and there were only two battleships for each race, and the equivalent of a PLEX would get you about 100 Million ISK.

At the time, E-UNI was one of the larger corporations in EVE, with a few hundred active members, and was only supposed to be a temporary home for me. By the start of 2007, I had ended up as a director in E-UNI, handling diplomacy for the recently created “Ivy League” alliance (after creating its logo), and starting the alliance on the path to the large standings network we have today.

As time went on, we went from Kassie Kelmar (bringer of cookies) to Dee Carson as Director of Operations under Morning Maniac, as MM slowly had less time to run things day to day. This was a time of great expansion for E-UNI, and as we added more and more active members, our services grew also, with more scheduled classes, more resources available to the members, and much more structure to everything.

In mid 2008, we had been wardecced by The Privateer Alliance for many weeks, and neither side was much interested in fighting any more. I left the Uni for a few weeks, and returned with the original “DecShield” plan, which suddenly increased the cost to continue the war from 50 million to 1 billion ISK, breaking the stalemate and generating a forum thread which I still find amusing to this day.

In late 2008, Dee retired as Director of Operations, and it wasn’t long before I had (rather foolishly) accepted the job, with Morning Maniac becoming less active. In mid 2009, work on the UniWiki began, and it was clear we had outgrown Korsiki, and we moved to Aldrat in July of that year.

A few months later, Morning Maniac indicated he was planning to step down as CEO – he no longer had the time to dedicate to running E-UNI, and he named me as his successor, a role which I took up well over 3 years ago now.

Last year, I ran for and was elected to CSM7. For those of you who don’t know, the CSM is would be best described as an unpaid player feedback group for CCP, and the amount of work involved in it all is considerable – despite what some may think, its not your own private FanFest twice a year.

With the amount of CSM work growing through 2012, and me taking an (awesome) new job 4,500 miles away, I recreated an old role, and made Azmodeus Valar the Director of Operations to make sure everything that needed to happen continued. However, a few months back, I realised that I’m spending all my time with what are practically second (E-UNI) and third (CSM) jobs, and not having any time to enjoy EVE for what it is. Even my “sekrit PvP alt” has hardly undocked in that time.

So, effective at the time this is posted, I have stepped down as CEO of EVE University, leaving it in the very capable hands of Azmodeus Valar, who I trust fully with both the corporation and community. Various in and out of game assets have already been transferred over the last few weeks, and the transition should be as smooth as to be unnoticeable.

In the case of DUST University, Dennie Fleetfoot will be taking over as CEO there later today. He’s done an excellent job of running D-UNI during the DUST 514 beta, and I fully trust him to grow the corporation in the right direction, and take the relevant actions as needed.

As for me, I’m still going to serve my term on the CSM, but as some of you know I won’t be running for CSM again this year (I’m not allowed to with the new rules, but vote Trebor in CSM8!), and I’ll remain in the Uni for a while yet. Hell, I may even manage to undock, for once. And of course I’ll still be at FanFest in April, and I’ll likely be on a CSM panel of some kind.

Longer term… I’m not sure, I’ll be keeping at least one of my EVE accounts active, and still be around on the E-UNI mumble, but will probably scale things down a little from the peak of the five accounts (so many alts!), and after all, I do have a nice little property on Auraxis you’re all welcome to visit, and I’m also planning some level of presence in both Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen once the time comes there.

I’m quite sure a few parties will try and claim some kind of ‘victory’ over some aspect with me stepping down, but both I and the Uni will still be around when they quit, ready to ask “Can I have your stuff?”. EVE and the Uni have both been a big part of my life for almost 7 years now, and that’s not likely to change much after today.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask them in the forum thread or comments below.