Eve North

Pictured: Dairek Alamari [E-Uni], John Silverfox [E-Uni], Zaenis Desef [G4NKS], Professor Academiac [E-Uni]


It was strange… and for many, unexplored space. It beckoned. It was out there, waiting. Unistas answered the call, gearing up and intentionally traveling for an encounter on a level previously unexperienced. These brave Unistas; some veterans, some new bros, boarded their various craft and landed on grid near the mighty CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario. They fought the blazing heat of the summer star in the frozen lands of the north known as Canada for the op properly named “Eve North”. The following Eve University players are known to have been spotted in local: Dairek Alamari, John Silverfox, Minerva W Metis, Professor Academiac, Mhzentul Lafarius, and Knicpaw.

So, what is it that these Unistas think makes Eve Online one of the most popular MMO games around? Is it the fact that they belong to a popular and long-standing entity inside the game that encourages Friendship and comradery? ( Yes, Eve University, this means you!) “A genuine moment of happiness when you’d spot an E-Uni logo; when you’d see a familiar name tag; or recognize a familiar voice from E-Uni comms. These were people that I spent countless hours of my life having fun with. Capsuleers with whom I’d shared laughs, intense fleet fights and strat ops, silly Internet spaceship arguments, and heated debates throughout the years. They are friends that I’ve never really got to truly know, and then suddenly got to finally meet with them in person! It was euphoric!” Quote by Professor Academiac

Yes, Eve Online players will happily hunt people down in all areas of space even taking down a newbro in a wormhole only to turn around and invite him to join Eve University then chase you down in real world space and try to drink you under the table. CCP hosted both an Axe throwing event and a pub crawl on Friday, a curious conjunction of activities. (Our intelligence operatives are a bit fuzzy on the details regarding the pub crawl but the general assessment is that around 200 Eve players went in and 200 came out having had a great deal of fun, though what transpired in pub-space is still a bit hazy.)

As Alamari so well stated, at the end of the day the game is about the people who play it. “Eve North was a surreal and incredible experience. Witnessing 500 players put aside their in game conflicts, and politics to come together sharing stories, interests, food and the occasional argument was nothing short of amazing. This event also gave me the privilege of actually meeting some great individuals who I spend time talking with everyday. These are memories I will have forever.”

What was Eve North? It was a gathering of real-world people, players and developers, to share some time together in formal and informal settings June 21-23, 2019 talking about the game that tens upon tens of thousands of people play every day. The event provided a series of workshops touching on many aspects of the game focusing on improvements to be made including hints at what we have seen develop in the weeks since of smarter NPC’s and bots being hammered. The evenings provided opportunities for UNI folks to share dinner and not a few drinks with not only alumni of Eve University but members of other alliances. And of course there was always the “after party”. Unistas headed to what was generously described as a “shady divehole” proving perfectly comfortable to wormhole divers such as Alamari as they enjoyed drinks and the music of the cover band playing homage to CCP Guard and Permaband. Perhaps the highlight of the evening was the response of the uninitiated Uber driver to his passenger’s frank discussion of the virtue of bombs, missiles and torpedoes.

Have we mentioned yet, the great adventure of our brave Unistas in their valiant hunt for a Mining permit? They scouted high! They Scouted low and behind stray plants ( foreign objects unknown to these capsuleers), in their quest to find the Mining permit guy ( They were unaware of the guys name)! We are glad to announce they found him and even took a moment to pose for a picture, to mark this mission complete. Thank you Zaenis Desef. Your contribution to this experience will forever be marked by the Mining permits and a photo op!

Upon returning from this newly explored space in the universe what did these Unistas carry back to Eve space with them? “It was a weirdly great experience for a new player who knew little to nothing about Eve and the New Eden Universe…I love the social aspect of Eve.” Said Minerva W Metis . So do we Minerva, so do we. Fly Safe! Fly Dangerously! But Fly!

Special thanks to John Silverfox, Dairek Alamari, Professor Academiac, and Minerva W Metis for sharing their experience with us.

Also, a big thanks to the Alumni of Eve University who stopped by to say Hi and share stories with the current Unistas during Eve North!

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