New Mumble Server

Starting on Tuesday July 7, 2015, all EVE University operations will be officially moving to its new Mumble servers. The address for the new servers are:

Official Mumble, default port (64738)

Public Mumble Server:, port (64739)

The current servers will remain up and available for a week or two afterward, just as a fallback in case any critical issues are found with the new server. If no problems are found, then they will be decomissioned and no longer available, so all operations should move to the new servers. Authentication on the new servers is the same as before. When you first log in, you must enter your forum password. Thereafter, you will no longer be asked for your password. However, you should make a backup of your Mumble certificate, because if you lose it (including re-installing Mumble so that it creates a new one) then you will lose your access to the server until an admin manually un-registers your account.


Please notice the change in address.  One week after a redirect will be put in place, but will cause your mumble to show a certificate error if you continue to try and use the old address. Please switch to the new address on July 7th.

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